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Signs You are in Great Relationship

Signs of a great relationship shows responding to each other good and trying something new thing together.

In Love

According to the psychologist who has studied years long to get the fundamental of long term relationship. Here is the list of most surprising insights below.

1.You think about your partner often when you are not together -
Sad Girl

The researchers randomly dialed nearly 300 married people by asking them a series of questions about their relationship and how they fell in love. The result was certain relationship characteristics were linked to strong feelings of love. One important part was the more people reported thinking about their partner when they were apart, the more love they felt.

2.You have a similar sense of humor -

Always Together

According to the psychologist, the humor can be a "social lubricant" in a romantic relationship. Having a private language with your partner would help to facilitate bonding and often predict relationship satisfaction

3.You try new things together -
Best Jodi

In the journal of social and personal relationships found that couples who tried new and exciting things were more satisfied.

4.You spend some time apart, with your own friends -
True Friends

It is not to look to your partner for all your existing needs sometimes spending time with your friends to find hobbies and work.

5.You respond positively to each other - 

partners knowing and understanding each other and showing a positive response is mostly linked to close relationship satisfaction in an active constructive response

6.You know how to recover from your fight-
Fight with Partner

It is not that you don't have a conflict at all instead. All marriages and love relationship tell in the conflict when they are upset, is that I listen. The word stop and I listen will repair things. Instead of quarreling with each other try to understand the problem and recover it for a good and healthy relationship.


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