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Tips and tricks for Build a Strong Relationship......

Relationship is that bond which binds two people with love and respect.Relationship can be made stronger by efforts. We can make best of relationship with the love we can give to each other .Respecting the difference and appreciating each other thoughts helps in building a strong relationship.

1) Respect each other -We should always respect each others decision. When we respect each others opinion then we build a strong relationship.

2) Be caring and loving- Always be caring and loving towards each other. Always be there when they need you.

3) Support each other- Always support each other when needed. Always be a helping hand of your partner.

4) Forgive and forget - Learn to forgive each other when at times you feel your partner has hurted you.

5) Say I love you - Never hesitate to say that I love you from bottom of my heart. This will help you to build a strong relationship.

6) Praise each other -Praise each other so that he /she feels happy and come close.

7) Be loyal towards each other - Never betray or cheat each other. Always be loyal towards each other.

8) Be soft spoken - When your partner gets angry never shout at same time. Be soft spoken towards each other .

9) Say No when you feel like - When you feel at times that you are not comfortable then say No to each other.

10) Respect each others family - Always love and give respect to each others family. This will help in building your relationship much stronger.