How to Build a Healthy Relationship

Relationship is the most complicated thing in today's world. We all know that.

But if you maintain a healthy relationship with your partner only then you can understand how beautiful it can make your life.

You may be married, or in a new relationship or in it for quite a few time but if you and your partner mutually want a beautiful relationship and want to get true happiness and contentment from it, keep reading this article.

1. Try to be honest with your partner:

I know it is very easy to say so and it's not possible for us to remain honest with our partner each and every time. There can be many reasons for that. But if you want a true relationship, it should begin with you.

Share your thoughts honestly with each other. Be who you truly are in front of each other. Don't hide anything or keep secrets. If your partner also wishes a good relationship he or she would accept your honesty with open heart.

Healthy Relationship

2. Learn to say sorry:

It's really hard for some people to accept their mistakes in front of others and even harder to apologize. But you need to understand that we all make mistakes, you can, your partner can too. So, whenever you realise that you have done something wrong or hurt your partner in any way you should accept your mistake and say sorry.

It does not make you inferior. Infact this shows you are smart enough to understand wrong and right and mature enough to accept that.

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3. Accept your differences with an open heart:

Men and women are different. They have different thoughts, choices, likes, dislikes right? So why should we expect from our partner to think, react, like or dislike just like us.

We can have different opinions, judgements about different things. Appreciate that. Accept that. Respect that.


4. Give each other personal space:

Being head over heels in a new relationship is common for us. We don't want to stop talking to our partner or stop being with our partner. It's good to devote your time and love to your partner but it can become suffocating if you are only into each other.

There are many other important people in your and your partner's life who want your time and love. Both of you should understand that. So give each other the personal space required. Let your relationship breathe.

Be Friends Forever

5. Always communicate:

Most of the relationships end due to lack of communication. Every relationship has ups and downs but if the partners communicate, that is the sign of a healthy relationship.

Even if you are upset or angry with your partner, don't stop communicating.

Share your feelings. Fight with them, scold them. Don't keep it all within yourself.

Sad Couple

6. Trust your partner:

Being possessive, or jealous are the things that come free with the relationship.

But doubting your partner, pointing fingers at their loyalty is something that is terrible. If you are with them, try to trust them, try to believe them otherwise one day or the other they will get tired which can probably end your relationship.

So give them your trust and belief we you would except from them.

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7. Spend quality time:

In a relationship what matters is how well you spend your time together. Always focus on quality time over quantity.

Go to your favourite places. Travel together, eat together, laugh together and make memories together. You don't need to keep travelling every now and then but when ever you do make sure that time is the most beautiful time for you and your partner.

Couple at Natural Scene

8. Learn to forgive and forget:

This is perhaps the best advice I would like to give every person who is in a relationship.

Holding grudges against each other and taunting each other over past things is a big NO NO.

If you want your relation to last, learn to forget what's gone and forgive your partner's past mistakes. If you keep glooming over petty things, you can never focus on how beautiful together your future can be.

Give a flower to girl

These tips will help you and your partner in heading towards the right direction. Try to make these changes and see your relationship blossom in no time.

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