Girls are crazy about these acts of boys, boys must know

Girls are crazy about these acts of boys, boys must know

The things that boys like about girls - like seeing a beautiful and smart girl, boys are unable to stop themselves from staring at them and give their heart as soon as they see such a girl.

Sayings of boys that girls like -

1 - Good behaviour-

It is not the boys who kill girls with airs and attitude, but they like boys with humble nature. Girls keep dying to talk to such boys and befriend them. She does not delay in making such boys boyfriends.

2 - Respector-

Girls also notice how boys behave towards people older than themselves. Especially when she mixes a boy with her housemates, she wants that boy to respect his family and be well.

3 - Funny Style

Girls quickly like boys whose sense of humour is very good.
If the boy knows to do comedy and can bring a smile to the girl's face by joking, then this is a plus point for him. If you also want to impress a girl, then try to bring a smile on her face. Just keep in mind that one of your jokes or fun does not become more chappy.

4- Body language-

Girls always like such boys whose body language is right or not, girls first look at boys' body language. She is attracted towards the boys by this same thing.

Not only this, it also attracts girls to talk to boys, their way of getting up and sitting.

5 - Muscles

Another special thing is that girls also attract boys' abs towards them. You must have also seen that the passion for making abs is very much in boys, but girls are also crazy about boys whose body is perfect. This thing has also been proved in research.

6- Beard-

You must have also seen that girls often like bearded boys. Not only this, girls are also more attracted to such boys.
Apart from this, girls also have a lot of attention to their hairstyle, lips, shoulder.

7- Eyes

Let us tell you that the eyes are the only part of our body that helps in influencing others very quickly. Just as boys are attracted to girls very quickly due to the beautiful eyes of girls, in the same way, the eyes of boys also get the most attention of girls. If you have all these things, then girls will definitely want to befriend you.
This is what boys like about girls - if you too are trying to impress a girl for a long time, by keeping these things in mind, you can easily make a place in a girl's heart.


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