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The Couple - Who are eagerly waiting for their wedding

The Couple - Who are eagerly waiting for their wedding

Guys, I am talking about the love life of one couple,which is the true story. I have seen them very nearly. I don't know how to explain their love. The unique one I have ever seen.

The Couple are really mad for each other, they are in love since from 10 years. Now it's the time of their wedding. There is a twist in story. Let me tell you briefly.

If I start to tell their story from the beginning, I need many articles to cover it. So I just want to talk about current status.

The boy is working for a construction company in Bangalore. Girl lives in a small town, actually boy is also from the same town as they were met in the same college. I really praise the God, how come 2 souls can love like this. This couple should get the success.

Their love is so pure and unconditional. A text or call without a day, I have not seen yet. They are like made to love and care each other. There is no place for ego, selfishness, ignorance, formalities, expectations. The only thing is they are very best friends.

If something happens to one of them, both are just can't control their emotions. And when it comes to stability, they are very constant from the beginning. They forgot all worries and pains when they are together.

Everything is fine but the twist is convincing girl's parents. Surprisingly boy's parents have been accepted the girl. Few days back girl's father somehow accepted the boy but he wants boy to improve his career to the next level. One more twist is because of some family commitments boy is trying to grow more in career. So her father has given him sometime for that.

All ok, girl's mother is very sensitive. And that is the main part now to convince her. It's a very big thing to convince her as she thinks love marriages are not acceptable.

The boy is also working hard to make all things in right way. Girl is supporting him in all corners.

So we all are waiting for the success of boy..

Guys, I have my fingers crossed. They should get married in any way. I'm praying for them. Please friends whish them GOOD LUCK from your heart. May your wishes bring success to them in their love life.


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