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If You want to attract your husband? Go through this

Want to attract your husband? Go through this.

Marriage is the very beautiful moment of everyone's life. You can't guess how you may feel on that day until you get married. After the marriage also, it will be very nice and new feeling for everyone. Some may feel hell on the first day of marriage,that is for few.
Everything will be very smooth and nicely going after marriage for few months or few years. Days passes couples are started to loose patience and love towards each other.

It is may be because of ignorance, lack of care towards each other, lack of interest in love and intimacy, many other reasons are there, it depends on their personal issues.
The thing I am talking about is, when husband is not involving with you.
When he looses interest in you. When you are not able to attract him. Go through some tips which I quoted below.

First thing is you have to be confident enough. Sometimes mistakes happen by the females that may also effect on him, due to that reason he may going away from you or lost the patience. Don't worry let's do something for that.
Think about him I mean what all are his wishes. Prepare yourself for that. From the morning till night what is your husband's routine, think of it.
You can start with waking up your hubby in the morning. Before he woke up make small arrangements for his bath n grooming. If he likes to have some coffee or tea, serve it with love.
Then ask him for, what he likes to eat in breakfast. Prepare it and plate it attractively for him. And send off with a kiss don't forget this.
If he can't come home in the afternoon, prepare a lunch box with tasty food in it. You can add a love tag in top most box, so that when he opens the box he can smile at it.
In between make some changes in your home like replacing furnitures or planting some indoor plants, keeping home clean and well arranged. Spray mild air freshener. Once he enters the home he should feel fresh and relaxed.
Once he get fresh, sit with him and talk. Have a cup of hot coffee together in the balcony if you have. In the balcony keep small furniture and a soft cushions on it. Hang some stars and also you can hang small lights. It will be very beautiful for you both to spend some time there.
As well as prepare the dinner and have it together by chatting funny things.
Show and express your love to your hubby without any hesitation. Don't make a place for ego and selfishness between your relationship. He will be yours for sure..


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