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7 Behaviour shows your partner has stopped loving you

7 Behaviour shows your partner has stopped loving you

Behaviour shows your partner has stopped loving you

1. Do not interfere in my affairs:

A man does not want a woman to continue to be part of his life. He subconsciously restores a framework beyond which only close people can go.
Since the woman moved into the group of “unloved”, her partner does not seek to share her problems, achievements and new hobbies with her. He tries to end the reasons for communication and hanging out.

2. It's your problem:

A loving man always tries to listen, give advice or help end troubles. If feelings goes away, he not only seeks to end the female influence on his life, but also refuses to take part in her affairs. The woman ceases to feel support, notices that her lover does not pay attention to her words, does not respond to requests.

3. I'm I tired of everything:

If a man moves away, the sentence often sounds at every attempt by a woman to speak frankly. However, he is in no hurry to explain what he means by the word "everything." Rather, he dismisses further conversations, avoids direct answers.

4. Why i should report everything to you:

A loving woman is always interested in how the day of a loved one passed, why he was delayed. However, those who have fallen out of love with a man are annoyed by such questions. He associates the lady’s attempts to find out some details with the interrogation.

Why i should report everything to you

He does not take into account that his lady's interest is connected with her concern for him. He is indifferent to her feelings, because he no longer loves her.

5. Leave me alone:

The specified behaviour can be pronounced when a woman tries to touch, hug. However, her beloved no longer glows with feelings, so this does not bring him pleasure. If a man is afraid to admit that he has stopped loving, he will seek excuses from his behavior.

6. I do not like - find another:

The man who has stopped loving does not want to admit that the negative emotions of the woman are caused by his own behavior, trying to manipulate her. The man is trying to shift the responsibility for a possible gap to the chosen one.

7. You can say anything, I do not believe:

The man who has stopped loving is looking for a reason to leave. He finds reasons for reproaching any trifles. He shows by his actions that he does not have confidence in a woman, without whom it is impossible to build a relationship.

You can say anything, I do not believe

It is worth remembering that not always harsh phrases of a lover shows he want to leave you. We need to think about the main reasons for his behaviour. However, constant rudeness and rejection of explanations cannot be tolerated.