Do's and Don'ts in a Long Distance Relationship

Do's and Don'ts in a Long Distance Relationship 

We are going to talk on the topic of Long Distance Relationship. The things you should keep in mind while you are in a long distance relation. We are going to explain it to you using simple do’s and don'ts of a long distance relation, which would be easy for you to remember and imply. So, let’s begin.

1. Do Trust and Don't Doubt

Always trust your loved one and never ever doubt on them for any reason. If you feel something is wrong, talk to them. Sometimes the problem is not what you think there’s always another perspective when you look at the things from their angle. So, do talk before misunderstanding something.

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2. Do Build your Personal Life and Don't center your life around him/her
This means that you should focus on your personal life and let them focus on their own. Don’t always spend the whole day and night thinking about them that you didn’t talk to them today and feeling sad about this but get up and do something productive. Go to gym, read books, do something you are passionate about, work for your goals. Get a proper sleep, don’t waste your energy and health waiting for their call.

3. Do Communicate and Don’t Blame
This point is somewhat similar to the first point. Communicate your feelings to them, make them feel that you care about them and miss them. Don’t blame them if you guys are not able to talk to each other. You never know, what they are going through at their own place. Try to understand each other and feel empathy for each other. Whenever you get the time to talk use it wisely, describing your feelings.

4. Be Happy and Never Give up
Above all, be happy within yourself. It’s not easy to be in a long distance relationship but have faith, believe in god, he must have thought something good for you. Even at the point, when you have tried a lot but things don’t work, don’t lose your heart, give some time to each other, think patiently and don’t end your relation for those silly things. Slowly and steadily things will feel into the right place and when you guys will meet and sit together and talk, those things will feel like nothing.

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