Having a well-established family nucleus is very important for the development of children. And the presence of both parents will always be necessary at all times. It is proven that the absence of a father, or that he is very emotionally distant, has consequences in the adult life of women. Do you want to know more about absent father syndrome? Here you can find everything.

What is absent father syndrome?

The absent father syndrome is reflected in girls when they feel that their father is emotionally unavailable at all times, or is completely absent. And believe it or not, it is something that was very common in ancient families thanks to the old breeding habits.

Several years ago, parents had no intervention or one active participation in the upbringing of children. Because their only job was to work daily to bring bread to their mouths every night. Therefore, they limited themselves to just doing that without worrying about loving their children or raising them in any way.

In addition, in the old upbringing men were molded to be rigid people in terms of feelings and emotions. And therefore, they grew up with a very strict and immovable attitude that was reflected daily in their treatment of their children. Therefore, women especially grew up without having the guidance of a father figure, and were more inclined towards the teachings that only the mother gave them.

If the old families are compared with those of today, it is where the great importance that both men and women have an active participation in the lives of their children is denoted. Because otherwise, women will try to look to other people for the love they lack from their parents.

Nowadays, both the mother and the father have a duty and an obligation in the upbringing , teaching and correct development of the little ones. And neither one is more important than the other, nor both should always be present at all times. In talks, decision-making, discussions, punishments, rewards, etc. Strengthening family ties will ensure that little ones grow up much better.

How does the absence of the father affect the lives of women?

The absence of a father affects women much more. Since by always seeing only one active mother figure in their lives, as they grow up they want to seek love and affection from other men in order to fill that void that they have had since childhood. Another consequence of the absent father syndrome are: 

  • Problems with authority or to follow societal norms.
  • They have no emotional intelligence .
  • Growing up they are unable to make decisions for themselves.
  • They have no projects or goals for the future.
  • They generate a lot of indiscipline.
  • Lack of will for everything.
  • They put their integrity aside most of the time.
  • They develop self-destructive behaviors.
  • They don’t respect themselves.

The figure of a father will always be essential at all times. Since this represents motivation, protection, and a guide to follow all the dreams that children propose. And even if mothers give their best effort, they will not be able to fill the void that the father must be filling.

Types of parents:

In addition to being an absent father, there are also other types of parents who will shape the attitude of their children depending on the upbringing they give them.

  • Tyrant father

A tyrant father is one who imposes his own rules and reasoning in a mandatory way. It does not offer any kind of teaching but is based on the philosophy of what I say is and will be. They are parents who give very severe punishments to their children and deprive them of doing many things by themselves, creating cowardly and very self-conscious children.  

  • Pasota father

This is a very different type of father, because it is characterized by not being interested in the least bit in the life of the son. He does not get involved in failures or achievements, and leaves the raising of children exclusively to his wife.