Sometimes exes don’t give a good feeling, and almost always the healthiest thing for everyone is to stop all contact with our exes after the relationship ends. But what happens if we have a partner who still has frequent contact with their ex? Is it normal or should you be worried? Here we will tell you everything you want to know.

My partner keeps in touch with his ex. What do I do?

The first thing to do if your partner continues to be in contact with their ex is to remain calm. That doesn’t mean they still have something or that they want to go back. Try not to panic, because what you will have to do is think things through clearly and analyze the situation well. First, watch for certain signs:

  • How does your boyfriend act when he is talking to his ex?
  • How often are the messages sent?
  • When do you write with your ex?
  • Have you detected any strange behavior in him?
  • Are you hiding conversations with your ex?
  • How do you express yourself about your old partner, or how do you remember her?
  • Do you talk about your ex a lot or do you hardly name her?

Before you come to any verdict regarding their situation, it is best that you spend some time analyzing their behavior and answering all the questions above. Depending on what you get, you can tell if your boyfriend is up to something or not. So for now:

  • Stay calm and don’t let jealousy get over you too much.
  • Try to find out as much as you can about her ex, what their relationship was like, and how they ended.
  • Let him know that you are uncomfortable when he talks to his ex-so often and evaluate his response.
  • Even if you don’t want it, get to know her! There is no better way to know if something is happening or not than to have both of you in front of you to assess your reactions.

What does it mean for my boyfriend to stay in touch with his ex?

We can never know exactly what goes through the minds of our partners, so we can only trust them based on their behavior, their words and actions. But do you feel that it is very strange that your partner is still in contact with his ex? What can it mean?

  • They are good friends: Uncommon, but friendship between a former partner can happen. And there does not need to be any kind of double meaning, but pure friendship. Likewise, if it’s just that, your guy will do his best to make you feel safe.
  • Their breakup was recent: How long have you been dating your boy? Because if your relationship recently ended, you may still be in contact with her to try to fix things.
  • They want to come back: A very typical reason, and it happens that most men have a hard time outdoing exes. It is a very unfortunate thing, and if it turns out to be that you should end that relationship immediately because you do not deserve that type of treatment.
  • They met again: If they happen to meet on the street, they are probably exchanging phone numbers and trying to get in touch again. However, this can be a double-edged sword as it is not known how they might react.

The best thing you can do to calm the situation is not to let jealousy overtake you and think clearly. Have a quiet conversation with your guy so that you can come to a final conclusion. And be prepared for anything that may arise, because it is better that he tell you the truth as soon as possible, than that you find out shortly after that he is cheating on you or something like that.

Friendship between ex-boyfriends

One of the most controversial issues in all of history, for the famous saying where there was fire ashes remainHowever, there are those who claim that you can have a friendship like any other with an ex, but what is true in this?

Perhaps the friendship between exes does exist, but in the same way it is a lack of respect towards new partners. How will you feel if the old partners are still a part of your life? It is a very difficult imagination to digest.