Sometimes being in a relationship for a long time that does not fulfill us, we begin to feel trapped. Generally it is a situation that makes both parties uncomfortable, but they do not dare to say or mention anything about it out of habit or fear. However, it is very hard to waste years in a relationship that no longer has a future. So the first thing you should do is determine if your relationship has actually come to a definitive end.

Signs that a relationship has no future:

Having a partner goes way beyond just having someone for sex or dating. It is about deep conversations and feelings, feeling that that person is there for us at all times and no matter what. Be assured that we have a future as a couple, and we will work together to meet specific goals. It is about finding your soul mate, and that you are always together.

If something goes wrong, the relationship may be in jeopardy, especially if you feel like your relationship has no future. Find out here.

  • They are no longer the same. Things have reached such a point that it affects them deeply and manages to change their personalities. This kind of change is noticeable in the way he treats you now, compared to the way he treated you before. If you look in the past, they have stopped being that couple so in love to be a cold and finless couple.
  • Conflicts are part of the day to day. Conflicts between a couple are normal, but when they get to the point where they both feel like they can’t stand each other and neither of them has the slightest desire to fix things or talk, it is a clear sign that something is very wrong.
  • His intimate life has almost completely cooled down. Sex is not what it used to be, and when you have it, it can be terribly unsatisfying. You feel that your partner no longer sees you with the same eyes, and you feel the coldness when he touches you.
  • You find yourself stressing that you are valuable in his life. This is something that he should always be very clear about, and if you find yourself in the need to remind him daily, it is because he is going wrong.
  • Your emotions are becoming more and more distant. You no longer look at him with the same eyes as before, and everything that mattered, worried, or drew your attention about him is now in a second or third plane.
  • You know something is wrong but you don’t know what. It is inevitable not to feel this kind of thing, the coldness, and the changes in attitude. We are very intuitive beings, and if you are feeling that there is something there probably is.

Can I get my relationship back without a future?

Sadly, there are many couples who end their relationship as they have reached a point of no return. Some decide to try again, and others see the perfect opportunity to be free again.

Yes, you can recover a relationship that seemed to have no future, as long as both parties agree and commit to trying. With goodwill, anything can be done, but it is worth emphasizing the fact that both of you must be sincere at all times. And if there is some kind of doubt, fear or negative thought, it will not be worth even trying again because it will end in failure again. 

Tips to improve my relationship that no longer works:

In case you are one of the lucky couples who decide to try again, we bring you some tips that you can implement so that your relationship improves and you can see a truly positive change in both of you. 

  • Relive love. The most important thing to emerge again. Negative emotions must be left in the past, and they have to focus on the better of each one.
  • Show interest. Letting the other person know that you are actually committed to improving the relationship will give them much more security and they will be able to trust you again.
  • Heal and correct your own mistakes. You have to leave behind the attitudes and actions that constantly caused fights. Only by improving from the inside can the relationship be changed.