Couples must find the best way to live with each other, the relationship must have good harmony and harmony at all times. It is not only enough that they are physically united, but also spiritually and mentally. Only in that way can both of you be valued as a couple, and you will know what is best for the relationship and for both of you. If you think you need to reinforce this aspect in your relationship, you have come to the right place.

How to promote respect between couples?

Respect is the basis of all relationships, you cannot expect to have a healthy and stable relationship if it is not based on this fundamental pillar. From respect, the other pillars are born: Communication, love and sex. If respect none of the three could work, so it is important to encourage it in the couple.

  • Respect must be genuine and must be noticed every day in the same way. It is not about feigned respect to get something in return or to appear like someone we are not. Respect for the partner must be completely transparent, due to the fact that we only look for good things for them.
  • Feeling empathy is paramount. If we cannot empathize with our partner’s way of being, we will be mired in many lawsuits and respect will be something that will not exist. Beliefs, the way you think or speak, your customs and certain personality traits must be respected. We are not looking for a partner to change her completely, but to love her as she is.
  • Commit to getting to know our partner well. It is not necessary for the two parts of a couple to be completely equal, or agree on everything. But knowing how to accept differences and live with them in a harmonious way. Something that characterizes love is that despite the differences we look for the best way for the other person to feel comfortable and safe.
  • Treat each other as equals. In a healthy relationship, neither of you is the dominant or the one who orders the most. Both have the right to say yes or no when they wish, decisions must be made together, never separately. And always give the couple the credit that the couple deserves at all times.

Tips to make your partner value you more:

The term “Valuing a partner” gradually wears off as the relationship progresses. It is a fact that we have all been through, by making our partner believe that we are totally constant in their life no matter what they do. And it is the first thing to avoid, that they see us as something 100% safe.

For your partner to value you as he should, you must help yourself with different hints or subliminal messages that let him know that you can still choose to leave. That constant fear of losing our partner is what makes us value her day by day, and that is precisely what you have to reinforce if you want to feel more valued. Follow these tips:

  • Change your look completely: If you decide to change your hair and the way you dress, you are sure to give a new impression to your partner. He will begin to wonder why this sudden change and therefore, will value your presence in his life more.
  • Let him know that you can have more boys: It is not about being unfaithful far from it, but it is about making him realize that if you wanted, you could change him for another at any time.
  • Get back to your active social life: Go dancing and having fun like old times and you’ll see your love blossom again.

Improve love between couples:

When you spend too much time with one person, sometimes you forget why you got together in the first place. This causes multiple inconveniences and in each fight or discussion, the idea of ​​ending the relationship becomes much more nested, although this is not the ideal solution.

  • Fall in love again. Travel, go out more often, and take time off the children. Find the best way to improve coexistence.
  • Promote respect, communication and love.
  • Have more time for yourselves.
  • Say goodbye to routine.