Overcoming a relationship crisis is something quite difficult to do. However, this is a decision that must be made to begin to change and continue on a better path.

You should know that a crisis does not necessarily have to be a break with your partner. Since if it is in the disposition of the two to recover their relationship, everything will be possible.

We always think about how a relationship crisis can happen, and what leads to it happening. They are just small things that we let go of to avoid a present problem, without realizing that it will damage our relationship in the future. However, this can also occur due to other internal or external factors over the years.

How can I know if my relationship is in crisis?

First of all you have to identify without our relationship is going through a crisis and know what the causes are, to make the right decision. This includes whether it is necessary to end the relationship or continue together with certain guidelines to eliminate that problem.

If you have doubts as to whether you are going through a relationship crisis, check if the following signs are present in your relationship:

  • Lack of interest in your partner’s affairs.
  • Lack or little communication.
  • Bad mood.
  • They no longer have moments of recreation together.
  • Decreased confidence.
  • Lack of empathy for the other even when something good happens to him.
  • Intimacy and sexual encounters between couples have decreased.

How to overcome a relationship or marriage crisis:

Regardless, there is always a crisis per stage in the couple’s relationship. Just keep in mind that the two parts need to be arranged. Do not lose your integrity and self-worth by following the side of a person who does not deserve you.

To overcome a strong relationship crisis, the situation must be taken into account, and what is being experienced must be analyzed. If it is necessary to take time, there is no problem, just participate that you will. It reinforces the communication between the two as it is one of the most important pillars.

Talk and act humbly with the other person. If something bothered you at the moment, say so immediately but with great respect. Do not try to point out as much as you want, it is about reinforcing the relationship and blaming will only create more conflicts. Understand each difference and do not focus only on the negative.

Really listen to what your partner has to say. Work on both your own trust, and what should be between the two of you.

Go out together again and recreate. Give small details like gifts or surprises. Do new projects as a couple. Reestablish your sexual intimacy.

Value yourself, take care of yourself and love yourself, so you will also do it with the other person and in turn she will do it with you. Get an apprenticeship from the crisis experienced. Implement the changes scheduled by both of you. This will greatly strengthen your relationship with your partner.

Guidelines according to the years of relationship

2-year crisis: Begins to set certain limits necessary for the relationship. Keep in mind that you must be willing to compromise on many occasions.

4-year crisis: New commitments that must be faced with courage and mutual motivation.

The 5-year crisis: Intimacy may be lost, so get out of the routine and make sure that the next meetings are different and passionate.

Crisis of the 7 years of marriage: It is where they may be parents and the priorities are only in the children, leaving their relationship aside. So try to find times to be together and do something different.

10-year crisis: The family is bigger but this should not prevent your attention from only going to it.

Is it necessary to do couples therapy to overcome crises?

Relationship crises are quite difficult to resolve. So in many cases the help of an expert related to the subject will be necessary. Since not all couples are the same and have particularities that need specific help. So they will need a type of therapy for their particular case to help and encourage them.