Have you noticed that lately you tend to unconsciously imitate your partner’s gestures? You probably feel like it’s completely normal due to the amount of time you spend together. However, this behavior has a scientific reason behind it. Discover it here with us!

What are mirror neurons, how are they activated, what is their function and where are they located?

The mirror neurons are a concept that is increasingly more accepting neuropsychology. And they are specifically known as the neurons that develop in the brain, which make us imitate the behavior or actions of a specific person. In most cases, we imitate the actions of our partner.

There are many ways that mirror neurons are activated in us. Mainly and more frequently, it happens when couples are in the first stage of infatuation. At this point, the chemistry that happens within us due to love, makes all our attention focus specifically on that person. And we can realize this, or not.

The brain, in an attempt to let her know that you are very interested in her and that we want something more, begins to develop behaviors similar to that of the partner. And sooner rather than later, without realizing it, we are imitating most of the couple’s actions.

Another factor of imitation arises when love intensifies much more and becomes genuine love. At this point after two or three years of relationship, mirror neurons have much more influence on us. And in addition to making us imitate the behavior of our partner, we begin to feel the feelings, longings and deepest emotions of the partner.

It is thanks to this that couples begin to plan their life together based on what they both feel and want. It is the best way for couples to stay together from the depths, and to be truly sincere.

How do mirror neurons influence your relationship with your partner? Empathy and courtship

When we feel that we are developing mirror neurons, it is a clear sign that the relationship is on the right track. Because it is no longer just two people who know each other and feel desire, but two people who, thanks to their closeness and their desire to be together, have developed a bond beyond the physical. 

The mirroring couple is the best way to be in complete harmony with them and avoid marital conflict. We become capable of feeling their emotions, and of knowing the why of all the things they feel. On the other hand, it has a lot to do with the empathy we have for them.

Since by having a slight glimpse of what they may feel, it makes us better able to put ourselves in their shoes and avoid saying or doing some type of action that will hurt their feelings.

Therefore, if you constantly think, my boyfriend copies me in everything , you should rejoice because it is an excellent way to show you that he is in tune with you and with everything you feel. It is not just a carnal relationship, but a relationship that becomes more and more united with each passing day.

Chameleon effect and mirror neurons: For this reason we imitate and empathize with our partner

Therefore, the reason behind our behavior when imitating our partner , lies in the fact that we are feeling much more empathy, our connection with them is becoming more and more established, and both the physical and the mind are coming together. However, this is not something that happens with all couples.

The chameleon effect is something that develops only with the people with whom we feel most comfortable. With those who feel that we can let ourselves go and create a relationship beyond the physical. In other words, it is something that the brain’s synapse causes without the need for us to strain at something.

Therefore, if you have noticed that the behaviors between you and your boyfriend are very similar lately, then rejoice because it is a clear sign that the relationship is on the right track.