Many of us wonder what to do when the past knocks on our door? Many fall into the desire to open and look at all the beautiful memories that happened, and others decide not to look back and remain focused on the future. What do you think is the best option? If you are confused with that, here we will help you to know what is best for you.

Why does my ex keep writing to me after breaking up?

Contrary to what many people tend to believe, it is men who have a much harder time leaving a relationship behind. And therefore, they are always looking to get their ex back at any cost. Even if it means adopting unhealthy or dangerous behaviors.

Are you confused because your ex writes to you and then deliberately stops talking to you? Well believe us, that is an action to simply get your attention again and then be you beg for attention. It is a malevolent plan that many men carry out, because they simply are not able to accept the fact that someone broke up with them.

And yes, it turns out that it is exactly that. It has been proven that men are very proud to know that one of their ex is getting over them. And just seeing the fair opportunity to get back in touch with you, he will. And this is a very dirty trick for you to fall back into their networks, making you believe that they still have feelings for you, when in reality all they want is to heal their wounded ego a little. 

So, this is the time for you to leave all kinds of illusion behind. It took a lot of work, or you’re probably still getting through a relationship grief! So you are vulnerable, avoid falling into their networks again and focus on healing yourself first before re-evaluating options with someone else.

Is it good to keep in touch with my ex?

Do you have an ex who is still writing to you? What does this mean? Well, this is the ideal time for you to think clearly and not fall for their games again. If they finally broke up, it was for good reason. The past must be left in the past! Otherwise you will not be able to advance and you will continue to fall over and over again in the same cycle.

Generally, it is not much about whether or not it is good to keep in touch with your ex. Because you can continue doing it, as long as you have the skills to never repeat the unfavorable cycles for you. An ex is an ex! You cannot engage with him again, under any circumstances.

Because if there was any chance for them to stay together, they still would be. Whatever the reason, infidelity, they went their separate ways, they are not compatible. The best thing will always be to leave the past behind. And as long as the breakup is recent, you may want to get away from each other for a while.

Once both of them were able to heal their wounds, seek their own horizons, spread their wings again and shine, perhaps they can try to have a new friendship relationship, or remain as old acquaintances. But keeping in mind that a relationship between you is not good for it to happen again.

So before you get back in touch with your ex, make sure you are on good terms with yourself and have built up a little more emotional health and mental maturity. Now they are separate people from each other, and therefore you should not be affected by anything he does or does not do with his life.

What to do if my ex keeps writing to me?

In case your ex continues to constantly search for you, it is best that you take drastic measures to prevent him from continuing to interrupt your day-to-day with yourself. If you have already tried to tell him that you diet your space and that he did not write to you and even then the messages and calls continue to arrive, you can choose to block his contact. 

And if necessary, block it from all the networks in which they share friendship. Because in one way and another he will try to contact you again. This should be enough to stop the arrival of the messages.