When relationships end, conflicts seem to escalate! Especially when we still have accounts pending with that person. There is nothing more delicate and conflictive than a debt of money. Especially when the two people involved in debt are going through a strong stage of love tension. Not sure how to collect from your partner the money he owes you? Here we leave you several tips.

Should I claim my ex for the money he owes me?

When we end a relationship, the first thing we want to do is cut off all kinds of communication and not know more about that person who made us suffer so much. But what if there is still some unfinished business between you? Specifically, a money issue that you need to resolve immediately.

What is the ideal? Well, probably due to the pain you may be feeling, or thanks to the resentment towards your ex, you are thinking of leaving that debt as it is and saying goodbye to your money. But you must come to your senses and realize that this is not the right solution.

They were both part of a relationship, yes. They are done and now they are in very bad terms, but despite all this, they are both still two rational adults who know what is right and what is not. And even if your ex-partner does not intend to pay his debt, your duty is to claim what belongs to you.

You can give yourself some time! Allow a few days for the tide of discussion to ebb. But as soon as you see your spirits start to pick up, start planning the best way to tell your ex-boyfriend that you need to settle the outstanding bill between you. 

This is a lesson that you must apply to everything. If your ex has several of your belongings with him that you want to recover, find the courage to face him one more time and ask him to give you back everything that is yours. And in case you have any belonging to him, it is also the right time to get rid of everything.

How do I ask my ex to pay me back?

Many of us are uncomfortable having to collect a debt. Because we feel bad about it, or we don’t want to give the other person a hard time. But this time it’s about your ex, and you have to take the fastest and most effective measures to get your money.

  • Do not communicate with him by phone: If you contact him by message or by call, he probably will not answer the call or leave you in sight. They will come up with any excuse to dismiss your message and you won’t get anything.
  • It is best to deal with in person: These types of topics are best dealt with in person. In this way, he will have no choice but to give you the money or at least give you a good explanation about it.
  • Be clear and precise: If you are going to visit him at his home, his work or the places he frequents. Do not entertain yourself doing nothing more than what you have to do, collect your money. Do not be carried away by inappropriate comments, or sweet words that make you confused. Keep your mind on the goal, the money.
  • The less time it takes the better: It is a matter of arriving, communicating, taking your money and leaving. You have nothing else to do there. If you stick around, they’ll probably end up having a stronger argument than they did before. And you’ve had enough of drama and conflict.

Money conflicts with ex-boyfriends:

With exes you always have conflicts! Especially when the separation has been very recent. But when it comes to money, the problems can escalate to one more level.

Every time you have a money problem with an ex, you risk 50% of not seeing your money anymore. Because of immaturity and resentment, he may decide not to contact you anymore and therefore you will have to resign yourself to saying goodbye to your money. While there are others who are responsible despite everything, and do their duty. Although they are very rare cases.