Feeling at risk is a real hardship, it is like being trapped in a cage, fear invades you and anxiety begins to wreak havoc, in the mind and in the body, but if being safe is up to you then you must do what is necessary to may your peace not be disturbed.

You must shake off that burden, the weight will end up making your spirits drop, do not let anxiety consume you, keep in mind that an obsessed man is dangerous, and getting out of it as soon as possible is the best. But what can I do if my ex-partner threatens me? Search at all costs to stop that chain that links you to it.

What to do if my ex harasses and threatens me?

More than ever you hear things like: “my ex is chasing me”, “my ex is harassing me” or “my ex is obsessed with me”, and how to drive away a bullying ex-boyfriend may seem impossible, but we do the impossible, something possible, because we care about you.

The harassment of my ex-partner is the ordeal of many people, you are not alone, like knowing if someone is obsessed with you, it is crucial to stop everything in time.

Always take care of your integrity, because it is the most important thing, you must tell someone, your family is the primary means to help you. What to do if my ex harasses and threatens me, will always be losing fear.

Fear may be subject to his threats, but hey, what does he have that can affect you? No matter what it is, the basic thing about it is that you can be embarrassed and you must overcome that.

What is an obsessed man capable of doing? Of everything, that is why you must tell it to your trusted environment, be it family or friends, locking yourself up is not the solution.

Is an obsessed man dangerous?

Yes, that’s why it is important that you get rid of it, a good idea about what I can do if my ex harasses me, is to expose him as a stalker to his friends and family, he can stop everything on his face.

But there is always the risk that something bad can be done against you, you must always be strong, be a rock that no one can fracture. Do not fall into stress without anxiety, and help other people in the same way, it may be that in your house there is someone in the same tirade.

Half of its power is based on your fear, if you are no longer afraid then it no longer has power, but that does not mean that it can hurt you, so it will always be dangerous.

A disorder of how to remove a harassing ex-boyfriend will always be a risk for the couple, if you identify that during the relationship, walk away quickly, and do not get to this point to know that it is a danger.

How to get rid of a heavy man?

How to get rid of an obsessed man will be the task of everyone, his family, friends and anyone who holds the victim esteem, it is a task as a society, to keep these types of individuals at bay and stop being codependent .

And of course you are a victim, you did not choose that suffering, but if you can choose when to stop it, the power is in your hands and you must exercise it without hesitation.

How to remove a harassing ex-boyfriend can be risky, everything will depend on his degree of harassment, your measures will be based on his actions. Or if you just feel that it is to get back to you, and you think it is not a bad thing, then analyze the facts.

How to drive away an obsessive man will be crude, but remember that the one who failed is him, you did not do anything wrong. What they did and lived together is something that can only remain between you, if he intimidates you with revealing it, remember that you cannot fear, tell him to do it, that you do not care, that will take away security when he sees that you are not afraid. Looking strong and determined often makes the bullying stop.

Take the bull by the horns, be upfront and go to the door of his house, but not before having someone to accompany you for greater security. And tell him to stop, his story is over and he must accept it.