Many men and women agree that sometimes the worst thing about their partners is their families. Not all of us are lucky enough to have a friendly and fun in-laws. Because almost always, we run into a mother-in-law who makes our lives squares. But is there a way to react to this type of situation? Here we will help you.

What is a mother-in-law or a toxic family?

Like a toxic partner, there are also toxic families or mothers-in-law. That they are experts in damaging many relationships, and have been the cause of thousands of divorces around the world. Are you afraid that your mother-in-law will damage your relationship?

How does a toxic mother-in-law act? The first thing they always do is meddle in your relationship. They are constantly trying to intercede in all the decisions they must make as a couple, it invades their privacy, and worst of all, it fills your husband’s mind with nonsense.

A couple must have privacy. There, no one but the two members of the relationship should intervene in absolutely nothing, and it seems that this concept is not clear to the toxic mothers-in-law. And things get worse when grandchildren are born!

Since they have a bad habit of wanting to impose their parenting rules on yours. They go to your home daily, to change the way you raise your baby, the way you dress it, the school where you send it, among other things. Yes, it can be very infuriating if left unchecked!

Also, a toxic mother-in-law is much worse if you don’t get along with her very well. Because from the first moment, he will try to fill your husband’s mind with nonsense. Having a toxic mother-in-law is not easy at all, and if it is not fixed in time, your relationship could be damaged.

How to cope with a toxic mother-in-law?

If you are unlucky enough to have a toxic mother-in-law, you will have no choice but to take preventive measures to make sure your relationship does not get worse, and keep your nerves calm.

Unfortunately, in most cases, the dialogue with your partner will not bear the expected results. Since a toxic mother almost always raises dependent children. And if you tell her that her mom is being annoying, you’re probably the one who gets into a lot of trouble. Therefore, you can choose to:

  • Try as much as possible to point out several things you have in common and bring them together.
  • Never tell him about your relationship problems or your intimacies. Because it will only be an excuse to turn it against you.
  • Avoid getting into arguments with her. 
  • Talk to your partner about putting limits on their mother, when it comes to their participation in the relationship or in raising their children.
  • Make it clear to your partner that now the two of you are a family nucleus, in which the parents cannot intervene.
  • Don’t pay attention to what your mother-in-law says, because you are only giving her more power.

The intensity of toxic mothers-in-law can vary. You will probably find a mother-in-law who does get along with you, but has a bad habit of constantly breaking into your relationship, or you have one who completely hates you. In the latter case, if you do not reach a certain consensus with your partner, your relationship could end sooner than you think.

Can a bad relationship with my mother-in-law affect my love relationship?

If you are afraid that your relationship could end because of a toxic mother-in-law, you need to speak with your partner as soon as possible. The communication could be the salvation of their relationship. Don’t be shy about being as honest as possible, and if your mother-in-law really needs a break, your partner will have to understand. If you don’t, prepare for the worst.

Because yes, a very bad relationship with your mother-in-law can mean goodbye between you and your partner, for various reasons:

  • You are not able to bear it and you end the relationship yourself. No one would blame you, living under siege by someone unbearable is difficult.
  • Your partner gets carried away by the bad influences of his mother and break up with you. An unfortunate situation but still the best thing that could have happened to you.