We have all suffered from infidelity at some point in our lives. Unfortunately, it is something that we cannot control or predict. We will only have to trust that our partner does not do it, although the time may come where some kind of scenario like this takes place. But what causes infidelity? Here we will tell you.

What are the causes of infidelity?

Facing infidelity can be one of the hardest things to do in a relationship. When this scenario happens, all trust is lost, love fades, and a great path opens up for conflict and pain. So it can be said that, infidelity is the worst thing you can do as a couple. But if we all know that this is bad, why do people keep doing it?

1. They have never had the desire or intention to be faithful

We must be very careful with the people we choose as our partners. Hence the importance of getting to know each other very well first, because there are people who just don’t get along with the term monogamy.

2. Sexual dissatisfaction

One of the most common causes, but one that is still a simple show of cowardice. Sexual dissatisfaction is something that can be corrected or improved, as couples we can learn new things and how to satisfy our partner is one of them.

3. They think that love is over

One of the most selfish reasons of all, since they prefer to seek in other arms what they can obtain again with effort and dedication in their own home.

4. Find someone to spare

If you ask someone, they will tell you that before deciding to break up with their current partner they first claim to have another one apart. They do not want to be left alone, but without you. 

5. Monotony

Couples who are not prepared for a life together almost always have problems with monotony. Although with love and effort it can be improved, a cowardly partner will simply seek to distract their mind elsewhere.

Types of infidelity

Although it is generally thought that infidelity is just committing the sexual act, the truth is that there are many ways to be unfaithful. Some more serious than others, but all continue to be infidelity:

  • Sexual infidelity: It is the most common of all, and it happens when the couple has sexual relations with someone outside the relationship.
  • Non-sexual infidelity: There does not need to be sexual relations, since infidelity goes beyond emotions.
  • Virtual infidelity: Very likely to happen today, since through raised messages, sharing images or compromising videos behind the partner’s back, it is infidelity. It is betraying a person’s trust.
  • By developing emotions: Your partner may develop infatuation or love for someone else, which leads him to be unfaithful. Although it should be noted that to get to fall in love with someone other than you, he was being unfaithful for a long time without the need for sexual intercourse.
  • By impulse: When they only think of satisfying carnal desires, without the need to have any previous love ties.

The reasons for an infidelity are very varied, however in each and every one of them there is a betrayal of the couple. None of the above types of infidelity are justifiable! Infidelity is infidelity from whatever way you look at it.

And it will mean the beginning of many consequences in your relationship. In case they decide to continue with it, which is not highly recommended. Trust can never be the same.

Can an unfaithful person change?

Forgive me, I promise to change! It was an impulse, I did not know what I was thinking! Thousands of excuses that can be presented at the time of an infidelity, but each and every one of them invalidates.

Unfortunately, an unfaithful person will continue to be unfaithful. The cases in which a person truly changes are so small that it could be said that they are none.

If you decide to forgive your partner, and give him the vote of confidence again, you must keep in mind that infidelity will always be around the corner! If there really was a deep and genuine love, the infidelity would not have happened in the first place.