Did you fight and fight for a relationship that didn’t work out in the end? Most of the time, the one who tries the hardest gets the brunt of the breakup. No breakup is easy, no matter how long the relationship lasted or how significant it was, we all go through a grieving process of our own to be ourselves again. Learn about them!

How many stages or phases does a woman have in love grief and how long do they last?

When we go through a breakup, we are not aware of the stages of a love breakup, and we think, how long does a love duel last? This despair and sadness after the breakup is the depression after the separation. Which is known as the grief after a breakup. This has different stages and phases.

Denial phase

When this phase begins, we are involved in thousands of thoughts that tell us that the relationship is not over yet. And the common behavior in this case is to act as if nothing is happening. This phase is known as a protection phase to avoid feeling all the negative emotions that a breakup brings.

Anger phase

When the denial phase is waning, the anger phase enters. As the mind begins to accept that the relationship ended, and desperately looking for a culprit we begin to feel anger and a lot of anger towards our former partner. This anger is accompanied by feelings of frustration, and revenge is almost always sought.

Negotiation phase

In a vain attempt to get the relationship back, one or both of you will want to negotiate a better ending to the relationship. At this stage it is recommended to avoid falling back into a relationship without a future. Since they always seek to reunite the couple for the simple whim of returning, and it is not healthy at all.


Depression is the next stage of grief after a breakup. Where hope that the relationship will work again is completely lost. And because of this, they both fall into deep sadness at the realization that they lost someone.


It is one of the most difficult stages, because first you will have to go through everything bad and overcome one by one the negative feelings that the break will leave you. At this stage, you no longer feel a void and you can begin to see a different future in your life.

How to know in which stage of the love grief I am and how to overcome it?

Asking what stage of the breakup I am in is useful, yes, but it is best to let each of the stages pass smoothly. Do not force the situation, it is best to feel all the pain so that once you recover, it is for real. You don’t get anything good out of suppressing your emotions. We know that overcoming a breakup of years is not easy, but you have the strength to do it.

  • Open new doors

The best thing you can do is start planning a new future, life after a breakup goes on, and do all the things you always wanted to do and don’t stop at anything.

  • Lean on your closest friends

There is no better consolation than our friends, they will always be there to support us. If you want to clear your mind and not think too much about bad times, hanging out with friends and having fun is a good help.

  • Stay away from your ex

The best thing you can do for your emotional and mental health is to get away from your ex for a while, and try to have the least contact. Talking to him and continuing to see him will only make your feelings stick.

How to overcome a love affair what to do after a love breakup?

Each person overcomes emotional crises in their own way, however the perfect remedy to counteract feelings after a breakup is fun and many tips to heal a broken heart.

Sensations that you can get from your friends, and in the same way you can find a lot of free time to beautify yourself and give yourself all the care you need. It will boost your self-esteem a lot! And sooner rather than later, you will be again eating the world as before.