There are many different types of jealousy, and in case you didn’t know, there is also jealousy between friends. And the truth is that they are more common than we can believe. We always see our best friend as someone completely irreplaceable, and we can’t think that she could ever change us for someone else because we just lose our temper. Has this happened to you? Find out why here.

How to stop being jealous with my friend?

Jealousy in relationships is very similar to jealousy between friends. And many times it happens that we realize that my friend is jealous of my other friend. But don’t worry, it is something very normal that has happened to all of us at some point in our lives.

Like loving couples or lovers, with friends we create a bond of brotherly love that fills us and makes us feel closer to those people. As in any relationship, we begin to feel jealous when we feel that the relationship may be compromised or in danger.

The reasons can be very varied, they have distanced themselves a bit for different reasons, she has fallen in love with a friend and has almost no time for you, one of the two has started a job or a study, or the scariest case da, they met other people and now she has more friends besides you.

However, this does not mean that when you feel jealous you have to necessarily feel some other kind of romantic or sexual feeling, at all. Because it will always be about that feeling of protection and not wanting to lose that special someone at no cost.

So when those kinds of scenarios unfold in our mind we start to react in the most logical way possible. Feeling jealous and making it show us even through the pores. And as a result of this, lawsuits may develop between friends and worsen the situation. So it is best to maintain honest communication and resolve misunderstandings.

Why does jealousy happen between friends?

Have you found yourself in the situation where your best friend is jealous of another friend of yours? Well, this is a very common situation, and most likely you have been through this too.

If you and your best friend are going through a similar situation, the best thing is for the two of you to come to a solution to clarify the situation once and for all. The most important thing is to know and understand that friends do not belong to us. They have every right to meet more people, open their paths, fall in love and grow. They are natural things in life that cannot be avoided.

It is clear that when we are young, we want to have a life next to our best friend.  Graduate together, live and work together. Yes, it has been the dream of every girl and adolescent at some point. But unfortunately this rarely happens. However, it does not mean that the friendship between you will be lost or withered.

Each one will go their own ways, but the bond and that bond that unites them will always remain intact. If there is a sincere friendship between you, it does not matter where in the world life takes you, it will not matter if you are separated at opposite poles of the earth, and your friendship will be exactly as it was on the first day.

So sit down and talk to your best friend, let her know your fears and come to a consensus between the two of you. And above all, don’t try to control everything he does. Because the time will come where it is your turn, and the only thing you want is to have their support.

What are the types of jealousy there are?

Jealousy can vary on many levels. And the truth is that today many types of jealousy are known, some more serious than the others:

  • Unhealthy jealousy: In this jealousy, the affected couple loses the sense of reality and begins to have delusional behaviors.
  • Retrospective Jealousy: Jealousy towards your partner’s past love life.
  • Manifest jealousy: Jealousy and distrust towards the couple in their social life.