Many times we find ourselves in the unpleasant situation of having to deal with a closed, selfish and uncommunicative boyfriend or partner. We know that these types of situations never bring anything good, therefore it is always necessary to do something about it.

If you are a girl with a selfish and uncommunicative boyfriend, follow our advice so that you can have a more open and honest communication with him.

How to know if my partner or boyfriend is selfish?

Identifying the signs of selfishness, especially when we are in love, is somewhat difficult. Since we do not focus on the defects of that person but only on the virtues.

However, there comes a certain point in the relationship where the dealings and the words are so selfish that we can’t help but feel a bad feeling in our hearts and stomachs. The first signs in which you should be attentive, to realize if your boyfriend is very selfish are the following:

  • He does not pay attention to your needs and every time you try to communicate them he does not listen to you, does not want to talk, gets angry, or leaves the place.
  • You feel like he’s cheating on you.
  • He makes many excuses to go out together.
  • He puts his wishes above yours all the time.
  • No time for you.
  • They do not communicate their discomfort to you.
  • You always have to be the one who looks for it or writes it.
  • They are not detail oriented and do not seek to please you with a detail or a text message.

If you think your boyfriend is acting on the above points, I am sorry to tell you that he is being completely selfish. And it is not healthy to have a relationship like that! It will only cause you to create fear for relationships. Therefore, it is time for you to take action on it.

How to treat a boyfriend or a selfish person?

When we find ourselves in the situation of dealing or living with a selfish person, we see ourselves in the threat of suffering for it. However, it is time for you to let go of those feelings and start acting.

So that your boyfriend can see how selfish he is being, it is best to treat him the way he treats you. Give him a taste of his own medicine.

This is not about making him pay, or making him suffer, but rather that the moment he feels distant, worry. It is at this moment that you must make him see reason.

  • Sit the two of you in a place where you can be alone and calm.
  • Forget cell phones for now.
  • Communicate all your insecurities and annoyances. Make sure he’s paying attention to you.
  • Ideally, your communication should be mutual, so try to get him to express his feelings as well.

This will be the best way for both of you to communicate everything you feel, and reach a good reconciliation as a couple. Generally, a person who only thinks of his own benefit will not agree that easily, but do not give up.

In case the hours pass and pass, and they still cannot reach a solution or your boyfriend still does not show any type of interest. So he’s not the one for you, and you should run out of there immediately.

One thing you should keep in mind is that love is not forced or forced, so if you feel that your boyfriend is no longer the same or does not love you as before, it is most likely that he is. So don’t break your heart anymore and leave that selfish boyfriend who only thinks about him.

Why does my boyfriend only think about himself?

Many people wonder how to overcome their partner’s selfishness, especially when the relationship has been going on for a long time. It’s hard to cut ties so roughly.

However, we cannot really get to know a person until we live with them. So if you think that your partner only thinks about him and is selfish. Most likely it always has been.

It is not your fault, and it is not because you did something wrong. He’s just not the one, and you’ll soon find the right person for you.