Although there should be no secrets in the couple, this does not mean that we have the right to invade their privacy at all times without respecting their personal space. We must keep in mind that we are individuals who are in a relationship by choice and not by obligation! But even though we are in a couple, we must never lose our individuality, because otherwise we will lose ourselves. 

Importance of privacy in the couple:

Personal space and privacy are essential so that each person can feel comfortable wherever they are. If you’ve been feeling like your partner is overwhelmed lately, you may need to ask yourself if you’re respecting their personal space the way you should.

  • It is important to maintain individuality: By this we mean to continue being independent people despite being in a relationship. Able to make our own decisions, without having to depend on the approval of anything or anyone.
  • Confidence is fostered: Giving our partner his space is giving him full confidence that he will not betray us at any time. And therefore, the relationship improves.
  • They always have something to talk about: If each one has the opportunity to live their own experiences, you will always have something to share with your partner when being together. They will never be without conversation starters.
  • They continue to grow as people: Everything that is learned being in the company of the couple, is reaffirmed in us when we can have time alone to process it.
  • It is a symbol of emotional stability: By having confidence in the partner, the ability to not get carried away by bad thoughts is reinforced in us. If we feel comfortable with ourselves, we will be safe with our partner, and therefore we will not have the need to be with them 24/7.

How to impose healthy limits on the relationship?

This is an issue that must be clarified from the beginning of the relationship, because despite being important, it is often overlooked by couples. Do you like to keep your privacy and your personal space? Well, follow these tips:

  • It is not about hiding things, but about showing that he can trust you: With small gestures such as reading a message for you, lending him your phone from time to time, telling in detail an outing with friends …
  • Treat with respect: A partner becomes an extension of us, so you must get used to commenting on everything you do. He shouldn’t be with you necessarily, but whatever plan or change of plans he has, out of respect and love, the least you can do is keep him informed about it.
  • Personal items are not taken without permission: Like the phone, tablets or computers. They are private things, which we can certainly use as long as we have the permission of the owner, who in this case is your partner.

Respect the intimacy of the couple:

Each couple has their own level of intimacy, and it will be an agreement between the two of you to determine how deep your relationship is as the intimacy further improves. But, this is something that must be done little by little, since otherwise we could seriously inconvenience the couple by causing the relationship to not be the same again.

  • Grooming: It is one thing to take a sensual bath together, to take time for a deep personal hygiene. Many girls prefer this moment to be private, so do not damage it so abruptly without first having permission.
  • Own money: Apart from the common fund that every couple should have, each one works for their own money. And it will be up to each one to do with it what they want, without neglecting the needs of the home.
  • Learning moments: For example when reading a book, meditating or studying, it is important to respect the intimacy of the couple. We all need time alone, and therefore it is important that it be respected at all times.