Starting a new relationship can present many risks for everyone involved. In most cases, one of the two becomes more emotionally involved than the other and therefore ends up hurt. Serious and committed relationships require that you both be on the same level of feeling, so if you feel that your boy is not, you should take preventive measures as soon as possible and take care of your heart.

Signs that a guy is just having fun with me:

It can sometimes be difficult for us to see a person’s intentions when we are in love. But even so, certain actions or gestures do not go unnoticed and despite our love blindness, we notice that something strange is happening.

Like the feeling that our guy just wants something casual for fun, and he’s not really engaged in the relationship. If you have doubts about it, watch out for these clear signs that your guy just wants something casual. 

  • He has no time for you: Although it is true that sometimes our partners can be busy, if there really is true love, no matter how busy he is, he will know how to set aside a space in his agenda for you.
  • Does not include you in their social group: Guys who do not want something serious do not care to introduce and include their girlfriends in their social group, since they see them as a causal relationship or as someone who will not be in their life for a long time. Or another scenario might be that he is being unfaithful.
  • They have time together and you don’t know anyone from his family: The interest must also be within the family, so if your boy has not yet introduced you to any member of his family, it is because he is not yet ready to take another step advanced in your relationship.

Behavior of a guy who wants a serious relationship:

In the same way that the actions of a boy who are not interested in you are noticed and felt, so do the actions of a boy who is 100% prepared to have a serious and lasting relationship with you. Sometimes both types of attitudes are combined, so you should be attentive to which one predominates more.

  • Think about your needs and tastes: Something that you can quickly notice about a boy who feels a strong love for you is that he is aware of and aware of everything you say and show him. He knows what you like and how you like it, and he surprises you when you remember facts or facts about yourself that you told him a long time ago.
  • He has future plans with you: A very clear sign that your boy is ready for something serious with you is that he has plans and thoughts for the future. He continues to have his own goals and objectives, but tries at all times to include yourself in them and to let you know that you have a guaranteed space in his future.
  • He is not embarrassed or bothered by dating you: Connecting with your social environment is the best way to take the relationship to a new level. Everyone knows their relationship and therefore it is unified and strengthened much more.
  • He includes you in all his social plans: It says nothing good about a guy who loves to go out alone. The best thing your boy can do to show that he wants something serious with you and is faithful to you is to include you in all the plans he has and know that both of you will have an excellent time together. You will feel that it is your soul mate.

What to do if my boyfriend doesn’t want something serious with me?

Changing the attitude of a partner who does not want anything serious can be difficult, and if you feel that you have already tried everything to take your relationship to another level but are not successful, you should think for yourself.

  • Put that relationship aside before he continues to hurt you.
  • Don’t keep wasting your time and be free to find someone better.
  • Ask if they can stay as friends.
  • Search your own horizons.
  • Do not get emotionally attached to someone who is not ready for something serious with you.