Many relationships as the years go by together they lose the flame of love. It is common for it to happen to many people, especially those who do not give themselves the opportunity to enjoy the moments together. Daily routines such as work, children, finances, among other problems. They cause the relationship to get colder and colder. If you want to get your partner back, and make him react once and for all, you can follow our advice.

How to get my partner’s attention again?

If you’ve made it to this post, it’s because your relationship is on the verge of reaching a point of no return. You feel that your husband or your boyfriend no longer cares about you, and is with you only out of habit or obligation. Yes, we know that it is a very ugly feeling. But all is not over for you!

  • The first will be communication: To establish the foundations of a new and improved relationship, you will have to have a very intense and extensive talk with your partner. The two of you will have to come to a conclusion about whether or not you really want to stay together. What is the best way to melt the cold of the relationship and improve as a couple. You cannot make a decision by yourself, you both have to agree otherwise it will all end in failure again.
  • Commit and comply: It is useless that after a sincere conversation, both of you promise to do the best for your relationship and do not comply. Actions must be immediate, starting from the first moment after the talk.
  • Show her that you are still the girl she fell in love with: Remembering the old days is a good way to do it. Change the look, if you have children, leave behind that unattractive look of 100% mom, and focus on being his wife. Make him feel attracted to you again by trying new things.
  • Let him know that he may lose you: If your husband is really afraid of losing you, he will do everything he can to make you stay in his life. The way you act and speak will change, and you will undoubtedly notice a positive change in the relationship.

What ultimatum can I give my partner to react?

Sometimes it seems like talking to your partner doesn’t matter as talking to a wall. All the problems, inconveniences and annoyances do not seem to affect them and they simply go unnoticed or do not pay attention to them. This kind of indifferent attitude in a partner can be a big problem, especially when the relationship has been very cold lately.

Do ultimatums serve to make a partner react? One could say, yes. Although there may be a 50/50 chance that your guy either cares or doesn’t care. We recommend that before any ultimatum, you evaluate the current state of your relationship.

Try to have a serious conversation with him first. Making sure they are paying real attention to you and that they are not just nodding without speaking at all. If things do not improve and you already feel absolutely alone in your marriage, you can give him an ultimatum, hoping that this time he will react.

What you will say and how you will say it will depend exclusively on what are the problems that overwhelm your relationship. Although they are almost always structured around the phrase of: Either you change or I leave, you improve your attitude or we get divorced, the problems are over or you see me for the last time.

Can a man regain an interest in the relationship after he has lost it?

Although it does not happen in all cases, it is possible for a man to feel interested in a relationship that seemed lost. Everything will depend on the love you have and the desire of both to improve. Don’t see men as the worst thing there is, because they are not. All women adore men, so bear with them a little.

If you and your guy have been through very good times in the past, they have a good chance of getting back what they had. The solution is to realize what is separating you and change it. Starting from there, you can improve your relationship by committing to improve.