Although the saying love can do everything, in most cases it is true, there is always a limit to the things that we must accept or endure in a relationship. So if you are crazy about your boy, but he is having a lot of attitudes that are not being correct. It is best to think again about whether your relationship is correct or not.

How to know if a boy is not for me?

There are many ways you can find out that the guy you like or are with is not the one for you. But the first thing you should do is remove the blindfold, and start analyzing and thinking things through for yourself. Otherwise, you will only have more irrational thoughts.

  • Doesn’t show you interest: You never beg for love, love yourself much more than you love a man. And if your boy seems not to value, or dodges each of your attempts to be with him or take the relationship to the next step, it is because he is not for you.
  • They are not interested in your needs: Someone who is interested in you will take special care to meet your tastes and needs, without waiting for you to ask for something. A guy who’s not the one for you will just not be careful about it but will not care at all.
  • He gets upset when you say no: This type of attitude is the most common, and it is a warning sign that you should take into account. He should be able to respect your decisions at all times without bothering himself.
  • He is not a gentleman:  Respect, affection and chivalry can never be lacking in a relationship. If your guy doesn’t have this kind of decorum with you, it’s because you’re in the wrong place.
  • Does not fit in your life: Someone who is simply not for you, will make it clear that they do not want or cannot be part of your family member. It is up to you to accept it and not force things too much because you will be left with a broken heart.

Know if a man is not interested in you.

Sometimes, even though we use our best charms, and we are the most seductive of all, it will be impossible to get a man’s attention. For whatever reason, we are not for him. And realizing this is crucial for us to fully protect our dignity. A man is not interested in you if: 

  • He treats you with indifference. 
  • Despite your attempts, it seems that you can’t get close to him.
  • He has no interest in including you in his life.
  • They only have casual encounters.
  • He has declined multiple of your invitations. 
  • The exits are not epic.
  • He does not answer messages or calls.
  • He always seems to be busy. 
  • You see him flirting with others.
  • Go out and live carefree without caring about your feelings.

Although it seems crazy to you, if you really want to know if you have a chance or not with your boy, it is best to ask him head-on and openly. Are you interested in having something else with me? A simple question that can save you from an uncertain future. Depending on what he answers, you can plan a course of action.

Is he really interested in me or is he just playing with me?

When we are starting a new relationship, it will always be something casual. Try not to get too involved in the first few months! And first make sure that the course of things is going naturally and without forcing anything. These kinds of things will let you know if your guy really wants something serious or not.

To know if a relationship is on the right track or not, it will take time. That is why it is never recommended to give everything to your partner in the first months. You don’t want to be left heartbroken, and alone. Do not always confess to good deals at the beginning of relationships, because they are almost always destined to get what you want and then those deals cease to exist.

To find out if a guy really cares about you or is just playing with you, you just have to wait. Someone who only plays with you sooner or later will get tired of doing it, and will start to move away from you.