Today we cannot ensure that we are safe on social networks! Because there are many risks to which we are all exposed. Even with the possibility that our partner is unfaithful to us through one of these well-known networks. Do you feel or suspect that your partner may be being unfaithful on WhatsApp? Here we will tell you how to find out.

What is a virtual infidelity?

Today we all spend most of our lives on social media, thanks to cell phones. Our whole life is in these small devices and therefore, any secret that we hide will be inside them. So we are much more likely to be unfaithful and to be unfaithful. A virtual infidelity happens when our partner has inappropriate conversations with another person through social networks. The most common is usually by WhatsApp because, ironically, it offers many facilities so that we can hide many things from our partner. A virtual infidelity is characterized by: 

  • Exchanging racy messages. 
  • Sending photos or videos inappropriately. relationship
  • Maintain calls or video calls with risqué content.
  • Use the virtual medium to maintain a loving relationship.
  • Planning a physical infidelity or some kind of intimate encounter.

There are many types of infidelity. So keep in mind that your partner must not be having sex to be unfaithful, because the simplest actions can be considered cheating at its best. 

Behavior of a man who is being unfaithful:

A very easy way to know if your partner is being unfaithful is by watching their actions. When you take on the task of noticing the different actions, everything will become as clear as water! These kinds of attitudes, even if they try to hide them, sooner or later come to light. The behavior of an unfaithful man is as follows: 

  • You lose interest in the relationship: The more time passes, things between you will get colder and colder. And it will not only be for pointless fights, but he will no longer make the same efforts as before to be with you, conquer you or take you to bed.
  • He is always on the defensive: A man maintaining an infidelity can never be calm, since he lives in fear of being discovered. You will realize that everything you ask or say to him, he will answer you aggressively, and avoiding the answer, feeling deeply offended, and will quickly leave the place.
  • He is much more jealous with his personal things: There is nothing more truly than the phrase: He who does not owe it does not fear it, and therefore if your partner has been very jealous with his phone, his computer or something else it is because he is hiding something. We know that a telephone is something private, but between couples there should not be much problem that we take it on some occasion.
  • He does not give you explanations about what he does or where he is going and gets angry when you ask him: This is usually the clearest evidence of an infidelity, since a couple should be informed at all times about the whereabouts of their partner. It’s not about possessiveness, but about respect and consideration for you. If someone wants to be doing what they want without explaining to anyone, they better be single.

How to discover an infidelity on WhatsApp?

Are you suspicious of your partner lately? Well, there are certain ways that you can discover an infidelity by WhatsApp. And here we will tell you all:

  • Check your phone: The first thing you should do is get the password, and when you find the best time, do not hesitate to look for the evidence that you are looking for so much.
  • Link the phone to the computer: Applications such as WhatsApp web allows the messages that arrive on the phone to reach the computer, if you have the opportunity to link it, you can have a record of all the messages that arrive on your phone in real time.

Always make sure to save the evidence. If you pick up his phone and get proof of infidelity, take screenshots and keep them on your phone. At the time of the confrontation, he will not be able to deny it because you will already know everything.