As you should already know, infidelity in a couple has many levels. It is presented from the smallest acts, to the largest and most serious. Are you going through a very confusing time? You like someone else and you don’t know what to do, read this post before you do something that you may regret later.

Is it normal to feel attracted to someone else if I have a partner?

The term attraction can be seen in different ways. You can feel attracted to someone by the way they act or express themselves, without having anything to do with their physicality or sexual attraction.

You may be attracted to someone’s intellect, and these types of people can become good friends. There is nothing wrong with that! Friends also attract each other and that is why they get along so well. And it has nothing to do with sexuality or romance.

But do you feel that this type of attraction goes beyond simple friendship? In this case, you do have a problem. Although it is difficult to digest, infidelity begins with thoughts. You haven’t done anything wrong yet, but how would you feel if you found out that your partner began to feel attracted to someone else?

It is something that can trigger hundreds of other things, first you must evaluate what may be going wrong in your relationship, in your partner, or in you, that now you no longer have eyes only for your boyfriend. Something definitely has to be going on! Relationship problems almost always cause these kinds of things, and they must be fixed immediately.

So no, it is not normal for you to feel sexual or romantic attraction to someone other than your partner. And if you feel that this is something that you cannot control, even if it seems difficult or painful, you should immediately discuss it with your partner. Perhaps it is time to say goodbye, or take the necessary steps to improve your current situation!

Is it considered infidelity if I have feelings for another person having a partner?

At this point, it is important to note that feeling attached to someone is not the same as developing feelings. Because for some kind of feeling to arise in you, many moments between you had to have passed. And it has nothing to do with sexual intercourse.

Those secret messages, calls late into the night, risqué messages or texts, casual outings full of strange intentions, perhaps promises for the future. Those kinds of things are what make us start to feel something, and if you have couple, each and every one of them is infidelity.

You are being unfaithful to all the trust that your partner has in you. Opening your heart, body and mind to someone other than your partner is one of the worst betrayals there can be. And despite the fact that sexual infidelity is the most common, romantic infidelity is always the most painful.

The different types of infidelity are very extensive, but it is all about respecting our partner above all else. And the best way to do it is to put ourselves in their shoes. You have doubts that what you are doing is infidelity, but what if your partner does everything you do with someone else? Would you agree to it or would it hurt?

Asking ourselves those kinds of questions are the best way to find out the truth about ourselves. Empathize with other people, to find out if we are actually doing something wrong. And maybe you can remedy your mistakes before it’s too late.

What to do if I like someone else who is not my current partner?

If the attraction hasn’t gotten out of your head, you’re fine. Starting from there, completely forget about the person who attracts you. If possible, stay away from him or her for a while.

It is crucial that you focus on improving all the aspects that may be failing in your relationship. Take your time to think, Are you happy? Are you satisfied sexually, mentally and spiritually? What is missing in my relationship? Heal wounds and improve will be the best solution. And soon you will see that the attraction caused by relationship problems will never be the same again.