All heads are one world. You never know how a person will react to a problem or conflict! Especially when it comes to relationship conflicts, which include many mixed feelings and strong emotions. Does your partner stop talking to you after every fight and you don’t know how to react? He’s probably applying the law of ice to you, learn how to deal with it.

What is the law of ice?

The law of ice is a very old and well-known technique, applied especially to let a person know that we are terribly angry with them. Most of the time the law of ice applies when we want to end an argument immediately.

Surely you are already familiar with it, thanks to the fact that your partner is applying it to you. But you should know that this is not an adult reaction, and if your partner has been doing it, it is a clear sign of lack of maturity on their part. An argument should never end that way, and it’s also not healthy for either of you to be taking those kinds of attitudes.

More specifically, the law of ice is a typical attitude of spoiled or tantrum childrenYou may notice it in a group of infants who, when arguing with each other, stop talking to each other for long periods of time. It is very common among them, because they just don’t know how to react properly yet!

This means that if your partner has been applying the law of ice to you, it is because they have been having childish attitudes that must be changed immediately. Nobody can allow to be treated that way, and much less when it comes to a couple conflict which must be resolved as soon as possible.

What to do if my partner applies the law of ice to me when we argue?

When you’re in the middle of an argument and your partner decides to apply the law of ice to you during or after it, at that point there won’t be much you can do. Unfortunately, you will have to wait for him to stop this attitude (no matter how long it takes) so you can have a more serious conversation with him.

The first thing will be to express your disagreement with that reaction. Express clearly that you cannot be having these types of attitudes since that does not show maturity on your part but only childish and uncompromising behavior. If he is willing to change, an open and delicate communication may be enough.

If he doesn’t get defensive again, you will have to take other more rigorous measures in this regard. You can try giving him an ultimatum, to see if he reacts or decides to continue acting in the same way. It is prudent to clarify that this type of attitudes only bring negative consequences such as:

  • It generates a lot of resentment between the two.
  • Problems never get stirred.
  • The fights continue daily.
  • Communication is being lost and it will be increasingly scarce.
  • The relationship will gradually cool down.
  • They will no longer feel the mutual support that they had.

Never pay with the same currency! Remember that if your partner is failing at something, you should be the strongest pillar in the relationship until things can level again. If you choose to put yourself at the same level, it will condemn the relationship, because it will be a relationship of two immature people who do not know how to deal with difficult situations.

Therefore, if you really want your relationship to improve and change, you must be patient with your partner. And in case you don’t see any interest in him to change, it will be your decision whether to stay with an immature person or decide to spread your wings.

Is the law of ice good?

Definitely, the law of ice is one of the most damaging attitudes for relationships. Since the moment one of the two begins to apply it, everything else falls apart. Without proper communication, there is not enough trust, and without trust comes jealousy and conflict and therefore, sooner or later love is lost.

So the wisest thing you should do now is to try to make your partner come to his senses so that he does not continue to have these types of attitudes and can save their relationship.