When we are starting a new friendly relationship with the boy we like, we are faced with the constant threat that at any moment he will leave us in sight. But how to react to this? We can’t immediately jump into an argument or anything like that. Learn what would be the best way to react if your crush dumps you.

What is the best way to react when the guy I like lets me get dressed?

With the digital age among us, it is common to see many people behind the phone screen constantly. These are devices that have a total record of our lives, and therefore are the main means of communication at a distance. With messages from Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram or many other applications, all people are just one click away!

However, despite the fact that communication has been greatly simplified in recent years, it does not mean that we will be safe from that at some point we will be talking alone. Despite having internet at all times, and having all the messaging applications, your ideal boy can leave you in sight at any time. But don’t despair!

  • Stay calm: If you are anxious for an answer, you better calm down as soon as possible. It’s not good for you to lose your temper. You don’t want to scare him off with a possessive attitude!
  • Take a deep breath and think: Don’t immediately jump to the conclusion that she doesn’t want to talk to you or is writing to someone else. You think that maybe he is busy or has fallen asleep.
  • Wait patiently: You can wait a few hours, and in case he doesn’t answer you, you can send him another message yourself. Don’t complain! Ask him something casual like what he is doing, or how his day has been.
  • Once he answers, do not answer immediately, otherwise it will seem that you were just waiting impatiently in front of the phone screen to answer him.

Phrases to send when they let me in seen

If you are a girl who does not like to wait and you want the boy you like to respond quickly, you can choose one of the following phrases so that you do not seem desperate and do not lose your dignity.

  • “I’m a little sleepy, I hope you can get out soon. Write me when you can, bye.”
  • “Are you busy? If you want, we’ll talk later.”
  • “Are you admiring my profile picture? No wonder you didn’t answer me.”
  • “Do you have plans for now? I would like to go out.”
  • “I liked talking to you, I’ll be busy I’ll write you soon.”

These types of phrases give the impression that you are ending the conversation and it was not him who let you in sight. You can also jump to another topic of conversation with a casual question, and prevent the conversation from reaching a dead end. It is the best for both of you to maintain interest.

Reasons why the boy I like leaves me in dress

Many girls despair when they think why a boy left them in sight. And while most of us immediately jump to bad conclusions, the truth is that we are nowhere near.

Men are very easy to understand once you know how they think, so the first thing you should do is meet your guy. Starting from his personality and his way of being, you can get an idea of ​​why he left you in sight. Although the main reasons may be:

  • You are busy at work or with some task. In general, it is busy. It can be with many things, and you will have the opportunity to ask him when they speak again.
  • He fell asleep. You will be surprised how easily men can fall asleep, one moment they are talking to you and the next they are in the world of dreams.
  • He is playing video games. When this happens, say goodbye to your boyfriend’s ability to communicate. The phone is in the corner of the room when all your attention is on the screen.
  • Do you play any sport? If your boy has a hobby or is an athlete, you have to get used to the idea that when he is training, it is time out. Since you won’t be aware of the phone until it’s done.