Currently, social networks are giving a lot to talk about. And according to statistics, they are the main reason for divorce around the world. One might think, are they so harmful? And the truth is that when it comes to couples, they can be the beginning of multiple conflicts. Especially when weird behaviors start to emerge.

Why do social networks cause conflict in couples?

It is very true that social networks are taking almost all control of the internet. Every day, millions of people around the world share their entire lives through audiovisual content, which is available to anyone. Social networks are very addictive, because we can find what we want in them.

For the same reason, it is a perfect opportunity to start developing physical desires external to our partner. For example, a woman or a man would be very jealous of admiration or attraction to a public figure in the networks. There are millions of profiles of beautiful women, who share their information with their followers.

Unfortunately, today it is very normal for men or women to take personal information, or send private messages to start a chat or a virtual relationship with someone on the networks. Since looking at it from the global point of view, in social networks there are almost no limits.

You can chat and connect with whoever you want, talk until the hours you want, and meet many people. And sooner or later, you will run into someone who will be willing to have a conversation, a friendship or a relationship with you. Will you miss this golden opportunity? Many people don’t, which is why they hurt their relationships.

Beyond that, it can generate many insecurities. For example, if a woman realizes that her partner’s social media is full of women in underwear, who are clearly more statuesque than she is, she will inevitably feel bad. And it will be the beginning of many fights and conflicts.

My partner hides everything from his social networks from me:

This point is a great alarm jump in the minds of many people, both men and women. It is known that through the networks you can have connection to everything you want. But why would your partner hide something from your networks? If the intuition does not fail, something wrong must be going on.

A couple shouldn’t keep secrets from each other. It is not about invading privacy, but it is not about hiding anything with the intention of covering something bad that we are doing. So if you have noticed that your partner is hiding everything from your networks, sometimes even blocking you from everything, it is because something is hiding.

The best thing will be to confront him, so that he tells you exactly what he is doing within the networks. You cannot allow these kinds of attitudes to affect your relationship. So for now, communication will be the first step in fixing things. However, keep in mind that someone who hides things will not be very comfortable with being discovered, so you risk receiving lies or denials.

What to do so that social networks do not affect my relationship?

IF you have already noticed that social networks are condemning your relationship more and more, it is time for you to take action on the matter and start making drastic changes:

  • Both must give their position: This means that if both are in a relationship, it should be reflected in the networks. Respecting the couple begins by letting all of our followers know of their existence.
  • Do not consume content that offends your partner: Although seeing photos of beautiful women or voluptuous men is not of great importance to you, your partner may not think the same. And you could make her feel really bad.
  • Do not hide the content within them: Having this type of attitude is only showing that we are doing something wrong, so if you have nothing to fear, you do not have to.