How nervous did you feel before meeting your boyfriend’s family? Many thoughts come to mind, Will your family like me? Will I have a toxic mother-in-law? Will they be nice to me? Almost none of these questions let us sleep, but the truth is that meeting our partner’s family is an advance for the relationship. So what happens when your partner doesn’t want to introduce you to their parents?

My partner does not introduce me to his family. What do I do?

Staying anonymous is sometimes a bit annoying, especially when the relationship is long overdue. Because it would mean that there is still a half of your partner’s life in which you do not participate and you do not exist, because most likely they do not even know that you are in a relationship with him. 

If you are in a situation in which your partner already knows his entire family but you still do not know his, it is best to keep calm and not lose your temper. Because there may be different reasons why he hasn’t introduced you yet:

  • He is afraid of commitment: When the couple becomes involved with the family, it becomes a more serious relationship. Now in every family event you would be. A man who is afraid of this level of commitment will keep you hidden.
  • He is ashamed of his family: Most of the time it happens that our families are not very normal, and we are often too ashamed. If your boyfriend thinks that his family will give them a hard time, or that they will do everything possible to embarrass him, he will be reluctant to let you meet them. You must be patient with him or help him overcome this fear.
  • Expectations too high: Another very typical cause is that your boyfriend’s parents have too high expectations for their girlfriends. And your guy is probably thinking that they won’t like you or something like that. Even though I really love you, this is a fear that dependent children cannot let go of.

Is it normal for my partner to keep me hidden?

At the beginning of any relationship, we all remain anonymous. Because of course, you will not introduce your family or friends to someone you do not know if you will see again. However, when the relationship is long enough, it is important that all the ties that bind them are strengthened. And how is that done? Involving much more in the family and social environment of the couple. 

So, the normal thing would only be at the beginning of the relationship. When you are focused on getting to know each other, taking your relationship to the next level, loving each other much more. But if your union has already gone through all kinds of experiences but has not yet introduced you to your family and keeps you hidden, it is a bad signal.

A good relationship always stands out for its freedom, because someone who is happy and proud to have you should not be afraid to show you everywhere they go: their social networks, their family, their friends and their work. Since this is a great show of respect and appreciation, it makes you feel loved.

If your boy has taken other types of actions and you are beginning to suspect that there is something strange, you better confront him as soon as possible and have this type of issue resolved as soon as possible.

How to react if my partner does not want to introduce me to his family?

Dialogue is the best way to solve problems, but what to do if your boyfriend doesn’t want to introduce you to his family? Despite all the attempts, and despite your insistence. You have to know that if you and your boy have been around for a considerable time, and they still refuse to introduce you to their family, it is because they have reached a dead end.

Where is that relationship going? You cannot remain anonymous forever, much less if they have plans for the future. So if you don’t want your relationship to be completely lost, this is something they need to fix. Otherwise, you have to get used to the idea that your relationship may end sooner than you think.