How to get my ex back in 7 days or as quickly as possible. As women we are always looking for a way to fight for something that is really worthwhile. But when it comes to love, what should we do? Is it really worth fighting for?

First of all, you have to clear your mind a bit to have a critical thought in this situation. Since we do not want to suffer again and go through the same thing.

We have to ask ourselves these questions. Do I really love that person? Why would I go back to him, what would be the reason for going back? What do I like about him and what don’t I like? Does it deserve my attention? Does it really make me feel good when I’m with him and can I be myself without any problem?

If you still want to get back with him, then you can follow these steps to know how to get my ex male partner back in no time.

Tips and tricks to get your boyfriend back with you:

Here are some tricks to get your ex back with you.

The best thing to keep in mind is to accept what has happened, so that this does not harm you as much and it will heal more quickly.

Secondly, the space that must be had between the two after the break that has taken place. The space you give your ex will make him think and reflect even without him realizing it. Well, it will be a time when he will not see you or speak to you, then he will know that it feels like you are no longer there for him. This will make him miss you, something very important.

Third, analyze again the situation in which you found yourself and in which you are now. How you feel and how you want to feel. Always go to your personal improvement, because it will be better for both your mental health and your physical health.

And fourthly, apologize, if the breakup was because of you, it would be best to apologize without fear. And if it was not like that, you can silently excuse the other person to heal that wound and not continue to grow. Either way it will be personal growth for you.

How to regain the trust of your ex-partner if he no longer talks to you or loves you:

How to get back with my ex-boyfriend if he doesn’t talk to me and without begging him? When my ex doesn’t want to talk to me, surely it may have been my fault that he no longer wants to do so. However, you must not bother him or beg him in any way. Well, this will make him not want to see us anymore. I must learn how to behave with my ex if I want him to come back.

By giving him a little space, we are saying that we respect him. In this way we will attract him by the fact that he will wonder how we are not looking for him. Since men like what they cannot have.

Now how do I get back into contact with my ex, because we know that we will not get it back with the mind? Well, we can attend meetings that he goes to because of mutual friends we have. Keep it spontaneous, remember not to force things.

How to get back with your ex-boyfriend if he already has another girlfriend:

Our exes will always be in the networks. They will always be very discreetly pending that we will publish. We have to show that we are okay without becoming false and overdoing it with the posts. This will just show that you do it for him and we don’t want that.

The best way to get noticed will be in a simple and subtle way. You can post in stories likes that they had in common, etc. If you had a girlfriend so quickly, maybe it is a way of wanting to make you jealous.

In short, the essential must always be our person, and not get involved if the other does not want to return. Because we will hurt ourselves. Let’s get on with our lives to be really happy and let’s work on our safety without begging anyone. Keep in mind that you should not go out with a man if he does not talk to you or love you.