Have you realized that it is practically impossible to have a conversation or discussion with your partner? Does he not accept his mistakes but make up all kinds of excuses and blame you for almost everything? Well, it is time for you to take action on the matter and change this type of behavior within your relationship.

Why does my partner blame me for everything?

These types of problems are present in many relationships. Many of us are affected by the false guilt imposed by our partner, and most of the time we allow ourselves to be convinced by this type of manipulation. Because we must be clear that this is, manipulation to make us believe that we are the problem, when in reality it is not.

If your partner is unable to accept his own mistakes and blames you for everything, it is a clear sign of his immaturity. A mature man must have the ability to face his mistakes, and change when necessary. But if he is not capable of doing it, it is a clear sign that something is wrong with him.

Can these types of people change? If they can do it, but as long as they accept at first that they are having a failure. And this is the difficult thing indeed. If your partner blames you for everything, it is because:

  • It lacks maturity. 
  • He is not ready for a serious relationship.
  • He is trying to manipulate you.
  • He does not want to face reality because he is afraid of it. 
  • He has a superiority complex.
  • Develop toxic behaviors.
  • He is a possessive person. 
  • Try to control yourself more and more.
  • He is used to always being the victim.

For your part, you must analyze each of the moments. Because in most cases you may not be the culprit, but in some cases you are. Therefore, in order to be aware of what is happening and to be able to argue properly, you must first be clear about who and when is failing. If you start from there, you already have a great point in your favor.

How to make a man accept his mistakes.

Keep in mind that this will not be an easy task, since a man with these kinds of behaviors and attitudes has reacted in the same way for a lifetime, and probably has other couples who played his game and never faced him. If you really want to do the job of improving your relationship, you have to have a lot of effort and dedication.

  • Make him understand that you are not making a mistake: This is probably the most difficult step but the most important. If he cannot understand this, much less will he accept that he is the one who is failing?
  • Ask them why: When you start asking a person who is wrong or lying for logical reasons, that is when you realize that all their truths begin to falter.
  • Tell him clearly that he must accept his failures to improve: At this point, it is best to always be as clear and honest as possible. Do not be adorning the words in any way, if you must say something that may hurt, it will be the best way to make him see reason.
  • Make it clear that the relationship will improve: You may be afraid to admit your mistakes because you believe the relationship will end. Let him know that if he improves in this aspect, it will be the opposite. They will be able to understand and communicate much better and they will never need to find a culprit. Communication will improve.

Attitudes and behavior of a good partner

Once this glitch is improved, you will see that everything else will fall into place on its own. Things between you will flow more smoothly, and the problems that plagued you so much in the past will now no longer be so great. And best of all, you can see great progress in your partner: 

  • He will be a respectful man. 
  • You will be able to communicate and express any discomfort openly and politely.
  • You are willing to change and improve any aspect of your attitude or behavior that is harmful to the relationship.
  • The commitment grows.
  • Loving and intimate ties grow between the two.
  • Future plans become more precise and more accessible to both.
  • They can start a family full of good values.