In this world you can find millions of different relationships. Neither will be the same as the other! And yet they all must have something in common if they are to last and be happy. Respect! If you plan to make your marriage or courtship work properly, this is what you should always keep in mind. Learn how to promote it here!

What and how is respect in the couple?

Since we were little, respect is one of the values ​​that we are taught the most, but gracefully it is the one that many people forget the most. Do you know exactly what respect is? And above all, do you know how it should be applied in relationships?

  • Respect goes much further than simply not insulting yourself: Many people confuse respect with the simple act of speaking without insulting or yelling. But the truth is that in each of our actions or thoughts, we are showing respect for the people around us. An example of respect is:
    • Take our partner into account in all decisions to be made.
    • Do not denigrate or belittle their participation in the relationship.
    • Do not hide things or cheat. 
    • Give him the position he deserves in front of his family and friends.
    • Treat each other as equals, no one is better than the other. 
    • Have empathy and accept each other’s differences.
    • Knowing how to calmly and lovingly handle the mistakes of both.
  • It is something that can be reinforced: If you think that your relationship will be perfect at all times, you are wrong. For a relationship to be healthy, it takes a lot of effort and dedication. Shape the bad attitudes of both of you, and work to make the two of you a better match.
  • It should be there at all times: Does your partner seem to be someone else when he gets angry? Well, talk about it in a moment where it is calm. Respect, affection and love are not things that are left aside when we are angry. Unlike! It is when we must make use of them the most.
  • Base any decision, action or reaction on it: What is more important, your partner or the fights? It is a very important question to ask yourself so as not to go to unwanted extremes and then find yourself doing or saying things that you will regret as well.

My partner insults me. What to do to avoid it?

Never accept this kind of behavior! It is not normal, it is not healthy and it is not something that should be allowed. Always keep in mind that bad times only attract many more bad times, so if you really want your relationship to work, correct this immediately.

  • Don’t even allow it the first time: Were you surprised by their reaction and choice of words? The best thing is to end the conversation immediately and leave. At this point it is best to be alone for a few hours and even a day. Then, when they are calmer, clearly state that these kinds of attitudes cannot be repeated.
  • Evaluate their reactions: If the world were a fairy tale, your partner would learn to improve from the first time, but it will not be like that. You can expect responses like:
    • I am so.
    • It’s not serious, they are just things of the moment.
    • Excuse me, I’m losing my temper.
    • If you don’t like it, you can go.
    • It was your fault for bothering me.

One answer may be worse than the other, but be sure to identify an answer that is just an excuse to redo. Stand firm and let him know that if he doesn’t change those kinds of attitudes he may lose you forever! And in case that is the outcome, it will be the best for you even if it hurts.

Toxic or dangerous behaviors to avoid in your relationship:

At the beginning of a relationship everything is peace and harmony, we are focused on passion and desire, and we do not realize that we do not really know the person next to us at all. Do you want to know if your boy is actually good for you? Well, avoid these types of attitudes:

  • Insults when angry.
  • When arguing, he becomes violent and aggressive.
  • Every day he is more possessive.
  • Try checking your phone.
  • Be jealous of your best friends and friends.
  • It doesn’t give you your own space.