On many occasions we find ourselves in need to apologize. It is almost always to make amends for something we did wrong, or to save a dying relationship, or to end a lawsuit or argument. However, when words refuse to come out, but we really want to express our feelings, the best way to express them is through a letter.

Best phrases of regret for couples:

In case you want to make amends for a serious mistake, but you can’t find the ideal words to write the perfect apology letter to your partner, don’t worry, because we’ll leave you the best phrases so you know how to start:

  • “I can’t find the ideal way to start saying I’m sorry, so I’ll just say that, I’m sorry. You are the person I love and love the most, I can’t bear that we’re like this, therefore I ask you to forgive me”
  • “I know I have failed, I have no excuse and no words I can use to get out of this. I admit I have screwed up to the bottom, and I just want to get you back.”
  • “With this I am not trying to get rid of the guilt, I just want you to know how sorry I am and how much I would give because right now you were here with me”
  • “Before I had no words, and now neither. I can only think of one thing, that I fully wish that you forgive me and we can start from scratch”
  • “I’m here, almost begging you to forgive me, for the simple fact that I can’t figure out my life without you in it”
  • “There are no words or actions that change the evil I have done, I was a fool and I can only ask you to forgive me”
  • “The regret I feel right now is incredible, and it gnaws at my soul knowing that I could lose you. Forgive me if it is still possible”
  • ” I am not asking you to forget, I am asking you to give me another chance to show you how sorry I am”

How to apologize in writing to your boyfriend:

We always think of the best surprises to apologize to a man, when those times come when we become so unbearable that we cause a serious lawsuit out of nowhere.

However, love is always stronger than hate, and if it is unconditional love it will not take long for them to reconcile. However, this does not mean that you ignore the lawsuit they just had, you have to apologize.

The best way to do it is with a gift to ask for forgiveness, a letter written in your own handwriting, and a detail that shows that you are really sorry and want to fix things. Put your pride aside! Don’t be a toxic girlfriend, and learn to take the blame when you are serious about it.

So, if you really want your boy to excuse you and leave the problems in the past, you should do your best to show him that you really are sorry for what you did there are crafts to ask for forgiveness. But the first thing you should do is wait for the anger to pass a bit, probably on the first day he will want to be away from you. Don’t pester him!

Give him his space, and slowly let the anger subside. In that time, you can think of the best way to ask for a nice apology. A letter written by you may be the best way, and you should make sure you are as sincere as possible.

How to apologize in writing:

Apologizing in writing is one of the best ways to do it, especially since in the lonely moment writing the letter, we can be completely honest. And it is a very good way to let the feelings we really feel flow by dumping them on a blank sheet of paper. However, an apology must have certain points in order to be valid:

  • Do not list any of its faults. You don’t want to mask your current fault with his old faults, because the apology would immediately lose validity.
  • Be as sincere as possible.
  • Admit that you did wrong.
  • Don’t try to excuse yourself.
  • Apologize sincerely, and make sure it is well reflected on the sheet.
  • Clarify what your intentions are from now on.
  • Explain very why I should forgive you.