Having a dating relationship is sometimes not easy. Hence, many of us constantly wonder why my boyfriend does not write to me or my boyfriend no longer writes to me as before.

And we usually give the matter thousands of turns in our heads, when the truth is that the situation is not as serious as it seems. If you want to get an idea of ​​why this happens, read this post.

Why does my partner only write to me if I write to him? My boyfriend ignores me:

When we are in a dating relationship, especially at an early age, emotions are always running high. And whatever happens is the spark that ignites a huge fire. So one of the most common scenarios is the selfish boyfriend ignoring a girlfriend deeply in love. We cannot allow that to happen! So arm yourself with courage and end that situation.

This does not mean that you should rush to end the relationship because your boyfriend is a bad person or does not love you. No, calm down and breathe! The best thing right now will be to know the reasons why this may be happening.

Do not think that everything is your fault, because most of the time we have nothing to do with it. So breathe, relax, and think of the best way to communicate your discomfort to your boy. If you don’t stop thinking about my boyfriend, he’s online and he doesn’t write to me, then go ahead and write. Tell him you need to talk urgently about something that is bothering you! There you can evaluate your first answer.

Causes why a guy starts to ignore you and ignores you

There are many reasons why your boyfriend may start ignoring you or treating you differently. But here are one of the most common:

  • You don’t have enough time. If you have a job, study or play sports.
  • He is mad at you. One of the most common reasons. Boys are usually very spiteful.
  • He is not a very communicative person. Most guys have a hard time showing their feelings, especially at the beginning of a relationship.
  • He is more interested in hanging out with his friends than with you. This can be a bit annoying as long as your outings with your friends overshadow all your outings with you.
  • He’s hiding something from you.
  • He no longer feels the same about you, as he did before. And at worst, he may be cheating on you with someone else.

Regardless of the cause, you’d better stop speculating and try to have an open conversation with him. Save your relationship more healthy and loving way!

What do I do to make my boyfriend listen to me?

If you are already in a desperate situation, and you can no longer bear that your boyfriend does not give you the same attention as before, you must act immediately.

Find a way for him to pay attention to you and be 100% sure that he is listening to you. Avoid conversations on social networks or by message. Either it is face to face or it is nothing.

Talk about what’s bothering you. Not in a demanding way, since love is not demanded. But tell him about your insecurities and how he’s making you feel.

You must bear in mind that this must be a sincere communication. So if he starts giving you reasons for his behavior, try to stay calm. Especially if he blames you for it.

In that case, put your pride aside and take responsibility for the matter and ask for forgiveness. Otherwise, it will show that your boy is not the one for you since he would be lying.

It is not about fighting or arguing, but about reaching the reason why your boyfriend is ignoring you and thus overcome this relationship crisis.

Pay attention to the things he says, so you can tell if he is lying to you or not. And the main thing will be to get to the reason for your indifference. Once the conversation is over, everything should have been resolved.