Of all the emotions we can feel, remorse and guilt is one of the most difficult to overcome. Because something is implanted in our mind that constantly reminds us of the things we did wrong and especially of the people we hurt. Are you tired of feeling remorse? You have to do something about it to improve your situation.

Why do we feel guilt or regret about something?

The feeling of guilt or remorse, are the repercussions that remain in our consciousness after having done some bad action towards one or more people in particular. Whether directly or indirectly, remorse tells us that those decisions we made, those words we said, or the actions we did, were very wrong.

This is one of the most difficult emotions to digest, and not all people are able to identify or face it. As human beings we have a great facility to judge and talk about other people, but when it comes to judging ourselves, we play blind, deaf and dumb.

Therefore, if you did some bad action, and you are feeling a lot of guilt, remorse or regret, you have already taken the first and most important step. Because you realized, and your mind could react and know that you did a terrible action and that you have to do something to remedy it.

However, you have to be careful with this feeling. Since many people tend to fall into a strong regret that leads them to do crazy things. Thinking with a calm mind is the best thing you can do. And now because you know that you have done something wrong, you have the capabilities to do something right and remedy things. Be a better person!

What to do to stop feeling guilty?

To stop feeling guilty or remorseful, you can do one simple yet difficult thing: Face what you have failed at. Remedy things one way or another with that person you hurt, and not just an apology will suffice.

However, this is a good step to take. Do not remain anonymous, if something that happened was your fault, assume it. And ask for forgiveness from whoever you have to ask for forgiveness. This will be a big step to take, and it will make you feel a little more relieved when that person accepts your apology and decides to leave the past in the past. 

Also, if you want to eliminate the feeling of guilt completely, you can take your words and manifest them in actions. Did you make someone lose their job? Get him back or get a better one. Did you damage someone’s image? Make a public statement that it was a lie. Actions will always be worth a thousand words!

So nothing says more I’m sorry, forgive methan an excellent gesture of apology that shows the veracity of your words. Because it’s no use asking for forgiveness when you’re still a bad person. So, to grow as a person, follow these steps: 

  1. Face your guilt and take responsibility.
  2. Have the courage to ask for forgiveness.
  3. Take an action that reflects that you are truly sorry.
  4. Commit to change.
  5. Judge yourself before judging others, you are not perfect. Neither is anyone.

Never feel remorse again:

Now, you have to make the pass with yourself. Leave the past behind! If you took the time to make things right, and you have fixed everything with that person to whom you did a wrong, you can rest easy.

It is useless if you keep remembering the bad things of the past. Now is the time to focus on the present and commit to being the best version of yourself. Be kinder, more humble, more charitable, loving, and friendly. You don’t need to change your way of being so much to become a good person, you just have to make an effort to respect and empathize with all the people around you.

And soon you will see that many good things begin to come into your life! If you are a good person, you emit positive energy to the universe, which is rewarded in many good experiences and new learnings that you must take advantage of to grow.