Psychological Facts of a Women and Men

Psychological Facts of a Women and Men
1.Women Love it When you take control

Women are attracted to men who have direction in life and know what they want from life.That’s why women go crazy for confident and dominant guys, however this does not mean that you do something against her will.If a girl likes you then she would want you to take control of the situation, she would want you to lead and make decisions.

2.Girls want you to approach them

Talking about taking control - Girls like it when you approach them and spark up interesting conversations.
Now a days many guys try to do “cold approaches” going up to random girls and talking to them.The problem with this is that most of the guys are rejected by girls while doing this and they end up loosing their self confidence
3. Stop talking about bad qualities of others

Do you know that just by discussing about the bad qualities of other people, these bad qualities end up brushing off to you.We all know that back bitching is a wrong thing to do, however when you are just conversing about bad traits of your friends, those bad traits sync in to you.Example if you frequently talk about how lazy your friend is and he or she never finishes anything on time.You have tendency of becoming lazy yourself.

4. Fake it Till You Make it

Many of you would have heard this line, and some people don’t agree with it.Well Psychologically speaking this does work. See when you act like you already have it, when you believe that its already yours - now it can be Money, Confidence, Attraction Or happiness.When you keep telling your mind that you are there, then your mind actually starts to show you ways in which you can manifest thing you Fake about in your real life.
However this does not mean that you gotta brag, rather be subtle, be regular and be positive, things will soon materialize.

5. Don’t Tell People your Goals

When you tell people your goals, then on a majority of the cases you are not able to achieve those goals fully.

Fake it till you make it - Does not mean tell people your goals, rather its about subtly living the life right now the way you want to live in future.Show people that you have goals in your life but don’t tell them what goals exactly you have.

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