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Three things to not do in a relationship

Three things to not do in a relationship

Usually, humans feel that robots are complex machines in the world. But actually, humans are the most complex biological machines in the world. Even today still scientists are on the verge of research to uncover miraculous facts about our body.

When humans are complex how do you think that a relationship is simple? It's not because it involves two individuals to travel along the same path together until they die. If they part ways then that might be the worst nightmare in their life.

Here are three things to never do when you're in a relationship. If you did this, you're polluting the purity in the relationship.

1. Getting attracted to other women

Getting attracted to the opposite sex when you're in a relationship poses serious threats to your relationship. More than 60 percent of couples regret after the breakup and the reason is the same. Humans should stop taking decisions when their brains are stimulated by lust. Lusty desires are common in everyone but the way, the place and the person you showcase that entirely changes the meaning. So be careful while handling these things.

2. Self-betrayal

Do you think you can lie to your wife right after you committed a mistake? That's a well-played game because she trusts your lies too.

The fact you didn't know is you're not cheating her, you're deceiving yourself. One fine day you'll regret doing so. Committing sins and mistakes will let you ruin yourself gradually. As an iron bar exposed to moisture and water gets rust gradually.

3.Expressing anger

What you do when your boss irritates you? Drink a coffee or take a deep breath and let it go. If you do the above-mentioned things it's appreciated. But if you express the same anger on your wife when you return home. Then, it is seriously harmful to your relationship. Learn to bear the pain and curb your anger.


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