What Makes Or Breaks Our Relationships

Relationship is not outside, it is how we think about each other. If we are thinking something which is not pleasant, it's going to reach the other person and once it reaches there, automatically the other person will start creating the same thoughts for us. Where's the conflict? It's in our thoughts.
Now how many people are needed to heal it? Only one. So never go to them and say "Let's sit and talk to each other and fix the problems." Because sometimes when two people sit to resolve an issue, they bring out so many things.

Then we say to them "Leave it, I am not going to talk to you after this."

All that thought process which we didn't even know what they think about us, comes out. So it's not a good idea to say "Let's sit and bring out the past". What will we do by thinking and talking about the past? It's gone, it's over, it's finished. Don't give it so much power. Even if we didn't think or behaved right with each before,we can't do anything today. But from today we can decide that our every thought will be right for each other. And that is it.

When there is a knot in a relationship, don't try and open it. Cut it and move on. Which does not mean to break a relationship, but to cut the knot from the it. It means, that part is over. It's just like when we are knitting and it's knotted, we can't open it. It's very knotted. Our effort goes in opening that knot. Easiest way is to just cut that part and start again.

And if we do the same thing in our relationship, it is healed. If we decide not to talk about the past, and from now our every thought for each other will be new. It's healed. So, this means that we don't need more than one person to heal a relationship.


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